Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer 2012: Island Hopping, Part 2

My island hopping is off to a slow start. Right now I'm doing training runs for future journeys.

Part of those training runs mean working on my diet and exercise regime. When out with the girls recently, my diet included the Island Grilled Trifecta of steak, chicken and shrimp. Very yummy!

Then I worked on my training regime by exercising my funny bone at a Treasure Island while I went fishing for gold at the gaming tables. I need the loot to fund future excursions with the girls and The Shushing Librarian, seen here dreaming about all the tropical locales she'll visit if she can just get a doubloon or two. I may have sprained my wrists and thumbs playing the games too -- but Yo HO, Yo Ho .... Avast ye hearties!

After an afternoon of fun, it was off to a giant floating bazaar, where we found an isolated oasis -- the Spice Islands of Penzeys -- where the real treasures were to be discovered; exotic pepper, cinnamon, saffron, vanilla blends, curries, Oh my! While I was running around filling my basket, the girls decided to leave messages about our adventures, to be later placed in bottles to be thrown out to sea.

I only wish that I had remember to leave directions to this, a magic Portal to all the Islands ever written about.

Avalon, Alcatraz, desert islands, deserted islands, islands in the stream, Pangaea, Australia, Britannia, fictional islands, the Thousand Islands, Prince Edward Island, Lilliput, Lone Island, Liberty Island, Ista Island, the Emerald Island, Isle Esme, Hawai'i, Hallelujah Mountains, Hedeby, Tom Sawyer's Island, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Manhattan, Kokovoko, Neverland, Utopia -- and so so many more.

Stay tuned.

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