Friday, October 17, 2014

Photos of the Day: Seasonal Skies

Around 7:30 a.m.
10 hours later. 

Around 5:30 p.m.
October weather is wily.

~photos by iTouch

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Quote of the Day: Inhale/Exhale

Cape Cod, October 2013
 Right now, the tide was far out, leaving a wide beach of pale-yellow sand. Black rocks were scattered here and there, like sleeping seals, and white gulls hopped about the shallow pools in search of food. The wind swept through the abandoned lighthouse like ghosts playing among old bones, and she took a deep breath, right into the bottom of her lungs. As she exhaled she felt the tension slip away and her shoulders drop. The vision of endless sea and sky lifted the heaviness that weighed upon her chest, and she felt a wonderful sense of relief. She walked over the sand, not caring that her expensive boots were getting wet, and marched on towards the ocean. As she neared the water the roar of the sea grew louder. It was a pleasant sound, nothing like the roar of traffic and she inhaled the salty air hungrily. The wind whipped her hair and the damp curled it so that the ... tendrils bounced down her back and across her face. Without a moment's regret, she pulled her iPhone out of her jeans pocket and threw it as far out to sea as she could. It landed with a plop and disappeared.

~ Santa Montefiore's Secrets of the Lighthouse, p. 46

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Max and Mary Mission Update: Monday Morning in DC

Update from Grumpa:

This was taken at 7:00 AM yesterday. We were there until 1:45 PM.  It was one of the four Monday opening for the year. Afterwards we all went to bbq for the retiring Temple Presidency. Got home at 8:00.  Good day!

~ Dad

Last week's update:

First full shift at temple! 

Hi All: 

We went into temple at 12:30 PM today for first shift and to be set apart. We were able to help in a couple of places and left the temple at 7:30 PM. We now know our normal schedules. Remember to add a half hour at the top and bottom of times given. 

Tuesday - 1 to 7 PM, 
Wednesday - 1 to 7 PM, 
Thursday - 1 to 7 PM, 
Friday 8 AM - 1:30 PM, 
Saturday - 12:30 to 5:30 PM.

Rest Sunday and Monday then do it all over again. Except this coming Monday we get to work from 8 AM to 2:30 PM for the holiday. 

We also have different coordinators each day that might, can, or will do it “their way”. WE are to smile and keep our traps shut. 

We have decided that the seven floors adds a lot of steps to what we are going to be taking. We will be asked to help in all areas with movement from place to place every hour or as needed due to flow of people coming to temple. 

All in all a good day and it felt good to be needed again. 

But now it is time to go to bed. 

The lighting, thunder, and heavy rain might keep us awake for awhile. 

love Dad and Mom

And to note:


Hi All!
As requested by some:
Nov. 26 half day off, Nov. 27 off.
Dec. 24 off, Dec. 25 off, Dec. 31 half day off
Jan. 1 off, Jan. 5 - 20 temple shut down (work ?)


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Birthday J!

So, it's my kid brother's birthday!

He calls himself "sleepygoat" - 
we're a cranky, sleep-deprived family.
He's got that baleful stare down pat, especially when annoying older sisters visit and stick cameras in his face.
But it's more than that;
he's a son:
an uncle:
meeting the twins in early 2013, silly faces, which scared Sarah
 a hands-on papa:
Amber's baptism, February 2014
Tickling Elle
Fishing with Nathan
Star Wars Storey-time
Family Field-trip
Let's get some "air" aka run off some energy.
But despite his work responsibilities:
and ever growing family:
he's still that mischievous,
 dude who is keeping an eye on you.

 Happy Birthday Bro.

Don't give me that look. 
I'm your sister. I can get away with this.
Just think of allllllllllllllllllllllllllll the other ways
 I COULD be embarrassing you.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What Season is This Anyway?

Taken on the last day of September.

The zucchini plant still has blossoms on it and the morning glories have finally burst into full bloom this week.

These are strange seasons indeed.

photos by iTouch