Saturday, December 31, 2011

Have a zen holiday!

I loved this greeting from one of my e-digests, Shelf Awareness, so much,
that I want to share it with you.

Best Wishes from everyone at the Shelf,
and up in my Attic.

XO Auntie Nettie

Friday, December 30, 2011

Auntie Nettie's Attic Merchandise 2011 - December

December is a month that blurs - speeding faster and faster toward Christmas and vacations. Thank goodness I document these things these days, or I wouldn't remember any of it.

According to my records, and/or the best that I can recall, this month I:
~got lots and lots of holiday cards and packages out;
~ saw friends and went skating;
~attended a very cute pre-school bake/book sale;
~worked late for a variety of functions or/stayed late to catch up on work;
~attended a production of Noel Coward's Hay Fever (and then walked around with a horrendously posh faux British accent for days);
~baked at least:
- 9 loaves of fruitcake (aka applebread);
- a cookie cake;
- about 6 batches of various types of cookies;
- about 10-20 batches of nut brittle;
~ had open "studio" hours aka show-and-tell time at the office (in lieu of a crafters' boutique);
~ attended a holiday party/cookie exchange;
~ cleaned, filed, scrubbed, and did chores;
~ caught up on a lot of television/holiday movies.

I was also playing Santa Elf, so ...

No wonder I need a long, three week vacation. YIPPEEEE.

I had to stop making things, but here's what managed to come off the hooks, while I was doing everything else.

ANA 2011-82 through 92: Kitchen Elf Ornaments
(misc. donated mystery yarn, left-over holiday hooks, and pieces of a random glitter ornament)
(not available, gifted by the Kitchen Elf)
ANA 2011-93: Mini Orange Birdie with Button Nose and Beak
(mystery leftover yarn, fiber fill, and buttons)
(no longer available, gifted)
ANA 2011-94: Mini Orange Birdie with White Button Eyes
(mystery leftover yarn, fiber fill, and buttons)
ANA 2011-95: Mini Yellow Birdie with Black Button Eyes
(mystery leftover yarn, fiber fill, and buttons)
(no longer available)
ANA 2011-96: Mini Orange/Yellow Owlie
(mystery leftover yarn and fiber fill)
ANA 2011-97: Mini Orange Birdie with Black Button Eyes
(mystery leftover yarn, fiber fill, and buttons)
ANA 2011-98: Mini Purple Birdie with Matching Button Eyes
(leftover "Vanna" Lion Brand yarn, fiber fill, and buttons)
(no longer available, gifted)
ANA 2011-99: Mini Turquoise Blue Bird
(mystery leftover yarn and fiber fill)
(no photo)

(as of 12/13 no longer available, gifted)

ANA 2011-100 through 103: Mini Blue Owlies
(mystery leftover yarn and fiber fill)
(no photos - but like ANA 2011-104/105, gifted)

ANA 2011-104: Mini Blue Owlie
(mystery leftover yarn and fiber fill)
(as of 1/2012, no longer available, gifted)
ANA 2011-105: Mini Blue Owlie
(mystery leftover yarn and fiber fill)
(as of 1/2012, no longer available, gifted)
ANA 2011-106: Mini Red Bird with Black Button Eyes and Beak
(leftover yarn, fiber fill, and buttons)
(as of 1/2012, no longer available, gifted)
ANA 2011-107: Stuffed Bear
(mystery leftover yarn and fiber fill)

(as of 08/2012, to be a Toy Society Toy)
Still in Progress:

2010: Multi-colored, multi-fiber chevron blanket
2011: Next Valentine's Day Secret Cupid gifts (shhhhh, don't tell anyone!)
Maroon Diamond Scarf
As ever, if you see something that interests you, please let me know.

The on-line shop will be re-opening late in January 2012.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Auntie Nettie Reads A LOT 2011 - 4th Quarter

If you are just finding the blog, please note that this list was maintained mainly so that I could remember what I've read this year. The record does not fully represent me or all of my interests, so don't judge my reading habits. My interests change quite frequently. Also, as a general rule, I don't do book recommendations or link to major retailers or publishers. Except for the ARCs listed below [thanks major publishers!], most of these books came from MY library or a public library.

Go forth, use your library card and READ!

October 2011
Murder Under Covers: A Bibliophile Mystery by Kate Carlisle
The Borrower: A Novel by Rebecca Makkai (didn't finish)
Untold Story: A Novel by Monica Ali (didn't finish)
My Year with Eleanor: A Memoir by Noelle Hancock
Something Borrowed: A Novel by Emily Giffin
The American Wife: A Novel by Curtis Sittenfeld (didn't finish)
Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field: A Novel by Melissa Nathan (reread, from own library)
Dragonsinger (Harper Hall Trilogy, Pern) by Anne McCaffrey (reread, from own library) *RIP
Dragonsong (Harper Hall Trilogy, Pern) by Anne McCaffrey (reread, from own library)

November 2011
We Are All Welcome Here: A Novel by Elizabeth Berg
In An Instant: A Family's Journey of Love and Healing by Lee and Bob Woodruff
The Masterharper of Pern: A Novel by Anne McCaffrey (reread, from own library)
American Gods: 10th Anniversary Author's Definitive Text by Neil Gaiman
Heartwishes: A Edilean Novel by Jude Deveraux
Changes: Volume Three of the Collegium Chronicles (A Valdemar Novel) by Mercedes Lackey
A Stitch in Snow by Anne McCaffrey (reread, from own library)
The Came You: A Novel by Jennifer Weiner

December 2011
Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler
The Next Always (Inn at BoonsBoro No. 1) by Nora Roberts
The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo
Silence (Hush, Hush Series No. 3) by Becca Fitzpatrick
The Scottish Prisoner: A Novel (Lord John's Novel) by Diana Gabaldon
First Truth by Dawn Cook
Hidden Truth by Dawn Cook
Forgotten Truth by Dawn Cook

13 Gifts by Wendy Mass (3rd in a series, need to find the first two)
Evening Class by Maeve Binchy
Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay
Cinder (Book One of The Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer (ARC)

Previous Reading Lists may be found here.

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary Grandmary and Grumpa Max!

Appropriate words for my parents on their anniversary:

For you there shall be no longing,
for you
shall be fulfillment to each other;
For you there shall be no harm,
for you
shall be a shield for each other;
For you there shall be no falling,
for you
shall be support to each other;
For you there shall be no sorrow,
for you
shall be comfort to each other;
For you there shall be no loneliness,
for you
shall be company to each other;
For you there shall be no discord,
for you
shall be peace to each other;
And for you there shall be no searching,
for you shall be an end to each other.

~ Kawaida Marriage Commitment

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'll be Home for Christmas

What? It's Christmas?!
OH NO! But Auntie Nettie's not here ....

No worries, Elle. Christmas doesn't always have to be on the 25th.

Christmas can be whenever family and friends gather to celebrate.
It can involve trees, presents, or all kinds of rituals, like food and games.

You know the song: "I'll be home for Christmas"?
Home is really where ever your heart is.

For me, it's ranged from the Connecticut house,

to high school hallways with best friends, to tiny dorm rooms at college with lifelong friends,

included songs, various decorations, watching others open their gifts,

and especially keeping an eye out while the parents decorated the trees.

it's also included visits West to new branches of the family Christmas tree,

to celebrating with my Caramoor family around teatime.

Christmas includes seeing Grumpa Max open presents carefully to save paper and hope it's not what's in the box, and seeing Grandmary beam with pride at Uncle Max's accomplishments.
She also likes to count her Benjamins for her sparkly Diamond Studs.

A few years, Christmas involved the Western families visiting the East Coast (brrrr!), or

quieter gatherings with just Grandmary, Grumpa, Auntie Nettie, and crafts and trash, OR

general silliness, like the mockings of traditions -- which every family does -- to,

new traditions of visits at the Grandmary's and Grumpa's various Dam Houses or Big White Houses.
How quickly time is passing and how fast you all are growing.

Some families puzzle how to incorporate traditions from two sides, while others resort to snowball wars.

Universal trends include looking at lights, talking to Santa,

or goofing off with siblings and cousins,

but always presents -- lots and lots of presents -- and food.

Merry Christmas my lovies.
I'll be "home" for Christmas, where ever you all are.

(even if I'm really in an airport, in a security line, or on a plane ...)