Wednesday, January 28, 2015

43 Ideas for Birthday 43: Girl Scout Cookies - THIN MINTS ONLY!

Or if you are going to make me be calorie conscious, let me introduce this alternative:

The Yankee Candle Company has released a limited edition line of scented candles and air fresheners that smell like Girl Scout cookies. The company is offering four different scents inspired by the cookie varieties Coconut Caramel Stripes, Thin Mints, Trefoils, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Yes, Seriously.

But I will take cookies too. Apparently you can order them online now.



Tuesday, January 27, 2015

43 Ideas for Birthday 43: Passage(s) on a Private Plane

Yo fat cats!* You need to use up your share on your private jet? Need to make your private pilots earn their keep? Need to use the plane to justify its purchase? Want to just be an all-round mensch?

I may have need for some trips from NY, to DC for a pickup, and then out to West. When? I can't tell you until I have to tell you. That's the way of these things. Just being able to pick up the phone, place an order with you, your plane butler and/or pilot(s), zip down to the private hangar at the local(ish) airport and get in the air and get to my destination(s), that would be really helpful for me and my family. Like an eternal blessing kindof helpful.

Oh Birthday Fairy, please connect me to those peeps.

Plus, it would be my way of getting to get a ride in a private plane.

Hey, a girl can put this out into the universe, right? No harm, no foul.


* I am sorry. What IS the appropriate terminology with someone with deep, deep pockets who can float multiple private plane trips without it impacting them one bit? And don't expect anything in return from me and mine?

** No insult to people with higher than average BMI or cats with the same issue.

*** What do normal people do? Stress out!

#Snowmageddon2015 #Blizzard2015 #Juno

First major named snowstorm of the year, Juno, hit my area.

Like there was only going to be one this year?

Twitter named it:  #Snowmageddon2015 #Blizzard2015 #Juno
The media went wild. Because, of course it did.

"Juno?" ('cho know), says the weather folks: This could be a big one.
To be fair, the totals were anticipated in FEET, not inches.

I dragged out my lighting and emergency flashlights, radios, clocks, and charged up phones, batteries, etc.
And shopped with moderation.
Mostly worried about the water and Diet Coke.
 Not pictured: water, Diet Coke, crackers, pb & jelly, pizzas, chocolate
Hadn't stressed out on this, until the folks started to.

The office said to use best case judgement on travel to work on Monday, so I decided not to get possibly stranded (and honestly harangued by the folks) and just worked from home.
Monday: Coming down
 Pretty as a picture
 So glad I don't have to deal with it.
Monday: At Dusk
That's not a filter, that's Mother Nature.
Just from watching from the window and news, glad not to have been cold, 
whipped by snow and wind, or sloshing around.

Tuesday: 12:30a.m.
 Why is someone riding their bicycle down the middle of the street?
Tuesday morning:
My first reaction was: That's it? What? Well, okay.
The office is closed, so ... I'm going to laze about.
Really? This is it? Where are my DRIFTS?
 Still glad I don't have to deal with it.

Enjoying two days of staying home, working from home, in my sweats.
I kind of wish it could be three.

The weather people seem to be a bit annoyed and disappointed that NYC didn't get the big storm.
The transit, sanitation, and government people are justifiably peeved that they are being asked to justify the closing of the roads, transit ways, schools, etc.
Better prepared than under-prepared.

Because, inevitably ...

There will be "the big one" at some point.

Maybe time to buy more Diet Coke.

Monday, January 26, 2015

43 Ideas for Birthday 43: Cameras

I've actually posted this already, so I'm going to extract and reblog from July 2013. Models may now vary, but the idea is there.

I would like to upgrade my camera. Like seriously upgrade my point and shoot to a lightweight DSLR upgrade.

Or even move up the tech curve to something like this?

Here's the original post, so you can see all my babbling:

Here's an excerpt:

I have other funding priorities, like:
- paying the rent,
- paying the bills,
- paying off my graduate school student loans and other debts,
- affording trips to see the family and/or far-flung friends, and
- living in one of the most expensive areas in the country ...

And ... "write" now, this is just a hobby for me. I'm not the type of blogger who has sponsors sending her all over the country, or a semi/full-time photographer who takes pictures that are licensed for use elsewhere or used to make prints, cards, etc. that are sold through her store, or as a (fill in the blank)


I can't see spending the equivalent of upwards of 1 to 3 months worth of rent money on a piece of equipment for a HOBBY, even if it was an investment to move that hobby into a money-making venture. I am serious: 1-3 months of a NYC-adjacent studio apartment (studio even) rent, for a new DSLR BODY. If you add on lenses and flash packs and batteries and other accessories ... It adds up. Even checking out the used sections of camera stores like B&H Photo and Video in NYC (where all the following photos come from, except where noted), finds that used cameras cost almost a month's rent.

Thus, I'm Dreaming Out Loud.

I would love a DSLR - but they are so large, heavy, expensive,

and then they have various lenses that are also large, heavy, and expensive.

Most come in a generic black color, which is fine for most people, especially New Yorkers, 
but look! Some come in this pretty blue. 
I really love blue.
And then some of the DLSRs need external flash packs, 
which is MORE money and stuff to lug around.

So let's be practical, these can get heavy and when you are already schlepping around, you want something lightweight to sling around your neck.

This Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Digital SLR Camera is new to the market, and is supposed to weigh in under a pound, before battery weight, and is smaller and less bulky. The price seems about on par for other smaller DSLRs on the market. With an existing flash plus mounts for more, hand grip, auto functions plus some manual ones, ability to switch out lenses, and both the traditional eye view-finder and digital screen, ... it's where I'd like to go on a camera, eventually.

From the Press Release photo kit
One day.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday Drew!

This guy is a whole ten years old now. 
A Decade.
Officially a pre-teen. 
Holy cow. 
 This guy has become a hard core New England Patriots football fan 
and is excited they are going to the Big Sports Ball thing.

He's also excited to explored all kinds of new activities this year, including:
Karate ...

   I love exploring, chatting, and playing with Drew when I get to visit.
 And am glad (and jealous) and the gets to go exploring and kayaking with Grumpa.

Yo, Drew!
 Don't change your little face!
 Or stop sending me notes and letters.

I love you. A lot.
Don't grow up too fast. I want you to want to hang out with me for a long time yet.

~ Auntie Nettie
aka, apparently,
J Dog

(some of the above photos c. of his folks and Grumpa) 

 Making wishes upon his lemon poppy seed cake
 thanks Grumpa and Kelli

43 Ideas for Birthday 43: Teleporters, Tardis(s) & Travel

When people ask what I'd like for my extra-sensory or super-power, I always answer:


I spend so much time in transit, from one place to another, and my family lives so far away, I miss a lot of birthdays, milestones, parties, anniversaries, and just the little daily things.

Since I'm not suddenly going to come into my powers, and teleport myself places ... 

It's 2015. How are those teleporters coming along, secret government scientific research agencies?

If someone could get me a Tardis or a Teleporter for my birthday, that'd be grand. 

 Beam me up, anyone!
 Oh Doctor, my doctor!