Sunday, November 30, 2014

Meanwhile out in Idaho, still waiting ....

As the month of November comes to a close, the family is waiting to hear news of the newest impending arrival.

None more so than Christina, as you can see...

 Soon Nathan will no longer be the baby, so he's snuggling up a lot to Momma.
 Nothing seems to dim that smile for long though.

 The kids are adorable, so I can't wait to see how they react to a new baby sister.

Thanks to Grumpa for pulling these off places and forwarding them on to me. Thanks to their parents for letting me use them.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Toast to Traditions!

Here's hoping your "Black Friday" was most frugal!. 
I spent 0.00 x 100% again this year.

Now, as for Small Business Saturday tomorrow, 
I will take this pledge again, but in a new location.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day!
 From a very stormy East Coast ... 
 (boy am I glad I decided NOT to travel this year)
No matter if your traditions include
copious amounts of Chinese food leftovers,
turkey sandwiches,
or a cornucopia of movie snacks,
may your buffet be filled with memories of home and times gone by,
and your holiday be filled with the pie of your dreams.

Be grateful,
Be hale,
Be hearty.

But above all.

Be grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

photos by my archives.
chocolate pie by Donna.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween Wrap-up 2014!

I think I'm more scared of how fast the last year has gone than I am of some of these scarey folks. Looking back through my archives, I think I missed doing a 2013 wrap-up of the Back to School photos and the Halloween photos. What a bad, er, busy, Auntie I've been.

At least I remembered to eat (occasionally), unlike this guy I spotted:
With thanks to all my friends and family for these photos. I wished upon my Halloween Tree to receive them through the etherspere.

The Nevada crew traveled up to see their cousins in Utah, and Drew and his older cousin Levi dressed up as Rodeo Clowns. (Photos courtesy of the bro, from Facebook.)

What a difference a week makes. That happy face was replaced by a super sad one, when he bashed his head on the kitchen island and cracked his head open. Too bad. He could have dressed up the staples to be a mini-Frankenstein's monster. He's okay now, but what a night... We've talked, and have compared our stories on how we cracked our heads open and got our scars. He was bummed that Grumpa had sent me picture BEFORE he could call and tell me.
 Tile meet head:

In less dramatic fashion, up in Idaho, the kids were super cute. I spy a silly shark, a shy kitty, and an orthodontic-ally challenged vampiress/goth girl. (Photo courtesy of the bro, courtesy of Facebook - and Grumpa.)
The little shark is just ... killing me with his cuteness! (Though, doesn't he look like he's doing the evil scientist hand rubbing thing?)

Thanks to Grumpa for pulling some photos off Facebook to share with me, courtesy of the brothers.

Some of my friends' kids are getting too old  (?!!!!!) to trick-or-treat, but I did find out that Kari's Krew were quite Kreative. Thanks to her Twitter feed for the photos and permissions.

There was an homage to some YA characters, based on "Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Karou! we love
"Hot Sauce" 
 "Zombie Neurosurgeon"

Up in Maine, it appears that "mainly" most of Krippy's older ones were either too cool, too busy, or too camera shy, but there were at least two representing the family: an "80s fitness instructor" and a "hippie." Thanks again to her Twitter feed for the photos and permissions.

Special shout out to family friend Rowan, for her creative entry: Rainbow Dash Equestria Girl! Thanks to her mom for the photo and permission.
 Lest you think things were all serious, here's an official photo off of work's Facebook page, featuring most of my colleagues goofing off.
c. Caramoor
Do you like my costume? I was the Invisible Girl/Camera Shy Shyster/"Oh Hell NO I'm not in photos" taking photos of the merriment.

I knew it was going to be an interesting couple of days when Mr. Peanut and the Edwardian Caroller walked by my office. Then I saw Harry Potter and a Pirate. And that was the Marketing Department!

The next day we had a Black & White masked Soiree at work, with a photo booth for the entertainment. The staff may have spent some time "testing" it out.

Lots of fun was had by most..... Especially the ghooooooosts.

Three final shout-outs for honorable costume mentions, thanks to online Twitter feeds and other social media. I actually don't have permission, but will give attribution.

1. L Train
Embedded image permalink
Photo by:
"My son as the L Train on the L Train Stop as the L Train approaches. "

2. Extra-Long CVS Receipt Costume: Article on BuzzFeed
Embedded image permalink
ohn Baker / Via

3. New Halloween Tradition c. of the web series, Classic Alice: BOOLING

Embedded image permalink

Booling: Bowling as a ghost, ala Rip Van Winkle, Washington Irving, homage.

The biggest ghosts of my life these days are those Ex Machina, aka in the railroad machines ... My commutes have been eventful. Thanks Mother Nature and Deferred Capital Maintance Programs at the MTA. *anger fists*