Monday, October 31, 2011

Cape Cod Girls Weekend 2011 - Biking Bites

In addition to hanging out, going to the beach, playing games, and lots of eating, one of the activities of our road trip involved ... hitting the road. Now, I am not athletic. I am seriously accident prone. I have not been on a traditional bike in 20 something years, but for some reason, NO one listened to my dire predictions about this outing*. Little did they know...

Cape Cod has transformed miles of an old railroad right of way into bike trails. We put in near Nickerson State Park, after finding a bike shop that was open. I immediately saw a few potential problems. They did not have an adult tricycle, adult training wheels, or helmets. Although there was a wide selection of bikes, somehow I didn't realize until after our ride that I was on a mountain bike and not a regular bike. This would prove to be a fateful decision.

Signs and smiles

My ride and the view I was afraid I would be my last ...

The first leg of the trip was interesting as I tried to get my balance, learn the whole gear shifting thing, and remind the girls that for their own protection, they needed to stay ahead and clear of me. (I veered wildly every time I had to shift gear and push off.) I was fine going ... stopping would prove to be my downfall. We pulled over a few times to enjoy the view and to rest.

Unfortunately for me, all the reclining stationary biking in the world for 15-30 minutes at a gym (months ago) did not prepare me for the hills and the fact that we went about 4-5 miles before the girls decided to turn around. Then the return journey was uphill. They got ahead of me without realizing that I was walking the bike up the hill, and then, as I was trying to balance after mounting to coast down the hill ... well, let's just say: There was a choice between me propelling over a wooden barricade down an embankment and a highway, or letting the bike fall while I braced myself on the barricade. I can truthfully say that I did NOT fall down on the ride. The bike did. But it took a serious bite out of me on the way. I didn't really know how bad it was. I knew it scraped the back of my right calf and had nicked my left ankle, but didn't look to see. I finally caught up with the girls and we headed back to the pond to "rest" and "assess."

It wasn't until we returned the bikes (I walked a lot of the rest of the way -- How sad is it that I walk faster than I bike?), and headed to lunch when I really saw how gorey it was - I discovered the bike had taken chunks out of my right leg too. Not to mention, that stuff on my ankle? That's not just blood. My ankle leaked water for the next 2 weeks. I'm going to have scars. I actually still have healing scabs. I have decided to tell future generations that these things on my legs? They are tiger shark attack scars -- that I battled nobly in the surf to save my life and that the shark decided I just was to tough to tackle.

While we enjoyed the scenery at the Breakwater and waited for our highly fried, highly carbed lunch, I tried to clean up a bit with water and hand sanitizer. Once lunch arrived, it was time for us to tuck into sweet potato fries, calamari, oysters, clams, a lobster roll, and fried scallops and fries for me -- with a nice accent of onion rings. (The Shushing Librarian tried to snag one, but I don't share well with others.)

Like my improvised bandage? Painters tape really does have many uses! Sunset on the beach and lots of Advil helped with the aches and pains, mostly in my neck and arms from where I was hunched over and bracing myself on the handles. My legs, even with the scrapes, felt fine.

Injuries and embarrassment aside (I was lapped by senior citizens on oxygen tanks and little girls on bikes with training wheels!), it was a beautiful day with some lovely and unique sights.

What is a cowboy doing this far East, at a seafood place? Even the shark knows that this is wrong.

*When I called my brother 10 days later to get medical advice about my leaking ankle, his FIRST reaction was: "Whose stupid idea was that? You shouldn't be on a bike!"

Hello!? That's what I was saying. I was more than willing to be the designated driver and documentation for the Vineyard and Brewery tours. That's MUCH safer. Incriminating, yes. But safer.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Auntie Nettie's Attic Merchandise 2011 - October

Another month down. Time still flying. Not so much time for crafting. Let's try and figure out why. Oh, yes. There was the:

~ Cape Cod Girls Weekend 2011;
~ recovering from injuries sustained while biking on the Road Trip;
~ so much work-related drama;
~ so much work-related pondering of job/personal issues;
~ so many work-related conversations with colleagues, friends, and a bosslady (to no avail, more on that later);
~ too many work-related farewell parties and late nights in the office and at events;
~ Auntie Nettie's Tour (patent pending) of New York on Columbus Day with Emily and Wendy;
~ Flu shots/Blood Drives - one made me sick, the stress of not eating got me rejected from the other;
~ so much baking to try and relieve work-related stress;
~ Sunday brunches with friends in the City and trips to Museums for Christmas presents;
~ and a planned long weekend in the "country" exploring museums, galleries, and attending Caramoor Rising Stars concerts with a houseguest -- which was curtailed DUE TO SNOW.

Seriously. If I didn't have that pesky work thing, I could blog, bake, craft, and enjoy life so much more. But as I've said for over a year, and in light of my friends' various employment (and non-employment) issues, I am grateful to be employed and to have any benefits.

In other news, Maxxie and RubyNikon 2.0 and I are still working to learn each other's quirks, but we're getting there. Like last month, these items may make it up on the shop at some point, but honestly, some of these are already spoken for.

ANA 2011-55: Citrus Orchard Scarf
2 skeins of AlsanTrends: Litoral #1328: Citrus Orchard, acrylic/polyamide)
(as of 10/2011 not available, to be gifted)
Modeled by Christine during Cape Cod Girls Weekend 2011
ANA 2011-56: Ocean Blue Scarf(2 skein AslanTrends: Litoral, #1315 Ocean, acrylic/polyamide)(as of 10/2011 not available, to be gifted)
Appropriately, this scarf was started on the beach, at sunset, while looking at the ocean.
ANA 2011-56 & 57: Pink & Blue Pandas (II)
(leftover materials)
(as of 10/2011, not available, gifted to the blogger behind Music Pink & Blue II)
ANA 2011-59: Black and Cream Kitty
(leftover scrap yarn, wool, acrylic, etc.)
(as of 08/2012, no longer available, to be a Toy Society toy)
ANA 2011-60: Button-Eyed Cream and Black Kitty
(leftover scrap yarn, wool and acrylic, with misc. buttons for the face)
(as of 8/2012, no longer available, to be a Toy Society toy)
ANA 2011-61: Multi-colored Bunny, green ears and nose
(leftover scrap yarn, Bernat Baby coordinates)

(as of 4/14, no longer available, sold)
ANA 2011-62: Multicolored Bunny, yellow ears
(leftover scrap yarn, Bernat Baby coordinates)
ANA 2011-63: Multicolored bunny, purple pastels
(leftover scrap yarns, Baby Bernat coordinates and other materials)
(as of 4/14, no longer available, sold)
Still in progress:
2011: Brown and Black handbag
Potential mobile of hearts - which frankly I may just use as Valentine's Day presents next year
2010: Multi-colored, multi-fiber chevron blanket
As ever, if you see something you'd like, please contact me for sizes, prices, and availability.