Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Dude Himself, J!

While my baby brother J may not appreciate this photographic birthday retrospective, this is really again for the nieces and nephews. Who amongst us doesn't believe that our parents never had a childhood prior to our appearance on the scene? That's what aunts and friends are for ... to pull out our photo albums and to prove otherwise.

Here are some of the highlights from my snapshot collection of the dude himself, the J. You'll see that he patented his trademark very early in his career.

l-r: my first attempts at candids, as snapped at the CT house; fooling around with breakfast.

l-r: showing off for sis; on his way to summer camp and rocking the jams

l-r: why I let them in my room, I have no idea - especially when this happens

l-r: showing the Christmas loot; stuffing lunch in while visiting for my college graduation 1994

l-r: don't let this fool you, he was an outdoors boy

l-r: 1996 goofing off at his brother's wedding reception with one of the Wilsons;
sacked out after getting back from Brazil and completing his mission 1998-2000

l-r: 2000 Christmas, getting his "dream girl" and a hat that Amber now enjoys

l-r: 2001, the night before the wedding - not freaking out; Who's Married? These guys!

l-r: Family Photos; V for victory - a family photo session where no one cried or died

l-r: his beloved truck; out of his element in Boston and not happy at Quincy Market 2004

l-r: 2004, J's last Christmas at the CT house; snuggling with his lovebunny

l-r: Grandmary is not sure what's on the horizon; too much Christmas cheer (it's really a pillow)

Fast forward to 2009-2010: Family Halloween costumes; not happily auditioning for a religious pageant (any resemblance to the big J.C. is strictly coincidental)

Happy Birthday Bro!

I love ya,

xo Auntie Nettie

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