Saturday, October 1, 2011

Auntie Nettie's Attic Merchandise 2011 - September

I don't know where September went! I know that I did the August round-up late, but ... Let me flip my books to see if I can figure this out:

September wasn't all that busy, was it? MMM.

There was:

~ Labor Day weekend: a haze of cleaning, watching tv; and the final season of
The Tudors;
~ RIP, my old Nikon when trying to document August's output;
~ Convocation/back to the school year activities;
~ writing the epically long tenth anniversary of September 11th post;

~ an overnight with Christine;
~ up in CT for a three-day weekend dealing with the homestead, with its Tropical Storm damage (spider webs taking over the house, fuzzy mold in the basement, and "horizontal lawn art"), and seeing Jess and Jenn;
~ career services for a bunch of "clients," including friends and family;
~ lunch with friends who have escaped NYC for other areas (*sniff, Ironic Mother, sniff*)
~ Maker Faire 2011 visit with Jane;
~ settling in the new roommate - the airhead Maxxie;
~ the flu/stress/malaise/preventative/necessary sick days;
~ and then the quicky road trip, a return to Cape Cod with the Caramoor crew (pix at right from 2010's trip).

Nope. Not busy at all.

HA! It's surprising that ANYTHING got done.

Also ... I bought a new Nikon and we're still figuring each other out. The 14M resolution is great for showing off the beauty of some of the yarn I'm working with, but it's a battery-sucker. I was shooting in 7M on the old Nikon and managed fine, so I'm backing Nikon 2.0 down to 8M or 10M to see how I like the resolution. Learning curves.

These items will get up on at some point. Or not. I'm pretty sure I'm keeping the first scarf down there for myself. Look at the shades. It's like all the colors of sea glass.

ANA 2011-47: Seaglass-hued Scarf
(2 skeins of AlsanTrends: Litoral #1344: Seabed, acrylic/polyamide)
ANA 2011-48: Black Shell/Mesh Infinity Scarf
(2 skeins Caron Simply Soft black, acrylic)
(as of Oct. 2011, no longer available)
ANA 2011-49: Fuzzy Multi-Colored Baby Blanket
(5 skeins, Lion Brand Imagine, #341 Summertime, acrylic/mohair - apparently discontinued)
(as of Oct. 2011, on hold for client approval)
ANA 2011-50: Jade Green Scarf
(2 skeins of AlsanTrends: Litoral #1327: Jungle Green acrylic/polyamide)
(as of Oct. 2011, no longer available, gifted)
ANA 2011-51: Cream Purse with Round Rattan Handles
(1 skein discontinued Red Heart Sport-weight yarn, handles from Joannes, Purse n-alize it brand;
Detachable Pin, ANA 2011-18)
ANA 2011-52: Graciously Grey Scarf
(2 skeins of AlsanTrends: Litoral #1310: Nightfall, acrylic/polyamide)
(as of 01/2012 no longer available, gifted)
ANA 2011-53: Pretty in Pink Ruffles
(2 skeins of mystery acrylic yarn, bought from thrift shop with no label)
ANA 2011-54: Midnight Changes
(2 skeins Red Heart Boutique yarn, Changes in Onyx, wool, acrylic, other fibers)
Still in progress:
2010: Multi-colored, multi-fiber chevron blanket
2011: Potential mobile of hearts (part of ANA 2011-08 group)I think that AslanTrends: litoral is my new favorite yarn. It's pretty, but can be tricky to work with, and is a step up in price from my usual. But I'm, er, my friends, are worth it.

As ever, if you see something you like, please contact me for sizes, prices, and availability ...

or better yet -
please visit the shop to see what new things might have been added.

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