Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maker Faire 2011, Part 3 - Fun Foods

One of the biggest indicators that this year's Maker Faire was bigger and better, were the increased food options. The paella from last year was represented, but Jane and I were off to explore other cuisines.

After last year's bout of the e coli, anything with a ground cow is OUT! I'm sorry oh, so cute Bovine Superhero. No matter how you taunt me with the frites. This menu board looked intriguing...for AsiaDogs. I actually had wanted to try some of the Asian inspired hot dogs since Bourdain, Ray and I had explored Vancouver. Jane was amenable, so in line we stood.

Dogs du jour were the Mash- spicy ketchup with jalapeno mustard with a crunch of chips chased down by a Mel & Steve - Asian slaw, scallions, and sesame seeds for me and fries and a bahn-mi styled Vihn for Jane.

After more walking and exploring, we had dessert courtesy of The Treats Truck - which I discovered at the Botanical Garden. The brownies are still yummy. I call this last photo, the evolution of the fry.

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