Thursday, October 16, 2014

Quote of the Day: Inhale/Exhale

Cape Cod, October 2013
 Right now, the tide was far out, leaving a wide beach of pale-yellow sand. Black rocks were scattered here and there, like sleeping seals, and white gulls hopped about the shallow pools in search of food. The wind swept through the abandoned lighthouse like ghosts playing among old bones, and she took a deep breath, right into the bottom of her lungs. As she exhaled she felt the tension slip away and her shoulders drop. The vision of endless sea and sky lifted the heaviness that weighed upon her chest, and she felt a wonderful sense of relief. She walked over the sand, not caring that her expensive boots were getting wet, and marched on towards the ocean. As she neared the water the roar of the sea grew louder. It was a pleasant sound, nothing like the roar of traffic and she inhaled the salty air hungrily. The wind whipped her hair and the damp curled it so that the ... tendrils bounced down her back and across her face. Without a moment's regret, she pulled her iPhone out of her jeans pocket and threw it as far out to sea as she could. It landed with a plop and disappeared.

~ Santa Montefiore's Secrets of the Lighthouse, p. 46

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