Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happenings at the Homestead, May 2012

Dear 'rents and/or potential buyers of ye olde homestead,

I checked in on the homeplace recently. Everything looks good on the outside. Nature is blooming away.

The curbside hedge roses are growing like crazy

as are most of the bushes. Look at the azaleas*.

We are really hedging our bets on the backyard shrubs though.
It looks like natural windows are forming.

The impact from Irene is still evident. The tree (on the lot next door) overlooking the compost area/garden has a 7 - 10 split going on. From the upstairs windows, you can the right into the neighbors' lots on the other side of the block.

Max's homage to Monet's gardens are still growing off the kitchen corner.

While we may not be occupying the house full-time,
we did have some temporary tenants on the back porch.

So lovely but, sadly, I don't think that the parent birdies will like where I relocated the nest ... Though I think they had abandoned it as soon as visitors started coming through the back door again.

Again, everything looks great. The lawn's mowed, but you may need to ask the landscapers to watch the bees under the garage eaves by the doors. There may be carpenter bees or other bee species building honeycombs under there.

That's it for now.


The Roaming Nettie

6/10/12 *Yes, mother. I know those aren't azaleas, but rhododendrons. This was a test to see if anyone is still reading this. Apparently you are. So I should be more careful.

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