Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wandering through Windham, May 2012

I miss the opportunities to just get a car and wander, so when I had some daylight hours left one night during the quicky Connecticut roadtrip, I wandered the roads around Windham.

Here's the "frog bridge" at dusk, aka Thread City Crossing, named in honor of Willimantic's agricultural and manufacturing past.

Why with the frogs on the spools? Why not? Weirder things have been used to symbolize things..

Related to the Frog Bridge, the historical Monument on Windham Center green, and the former cotton and American Thread mills, now studios, businesses, etc.

Some of my favorite features from some of my favorite Victorians up in the hills of town. Check out the house on the right. It is one of the two houses in town that had curved windows. When I was growing up, it used painted a forest green with white trim. At night, when the lights were lit, you could see into the house, and see the woodwork and the stairs up to the upper stories. There's also a turret on that house. At Christmas time, the curved bay window used to be filled with Christmas trees and lights. So magical. But SO MUCH HOUSE.

Headed out of town, on the historical Windham Center green, listed on the National Register of Historic Places:

Love the lttle library, and the views of the Windham Inn, and the neighboring pink mansion and "white house."

Don't you just love this little sliver of a building? It's a room of its own.

On the back roads through North Windham:

This is the weirdest farm fields I've ever seen. Goats, sheep, donkeys, and colored CANNONBALLS? Missed the name of it, but it was something religious.

Forget a two-car garage. What about two-tractor parking?

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