Monday, June 18, 2012

Retroblogging 1980: June 18, 1980

June 18, 1980

Today I went to school.

Today I played alaskin baseball it was fun.

I like my teacher.

When I came home from school I practiced my piano. Then Jed came home from school. We got the TV back today. Robyn came and babysat for us today too.

Today is sunny.

I like my parents.

Today I was going to have a friend over but I forgot.

Today I am going for a picnic in the Park. the end.

Editor's note 6/21/2012:

In response to a comment: I had to do some Internet Searching to find out what obscure game "Alaskin Baseball" might be.

It could have been this:

1) Start with 2 teams.
2) One camper is given a throwable object, their team then forms a circle around them and that person throws the object.
3) After he/she has thrown the object then he/she goes around the circle saying everyone's name in order of the circle. Every time he makes it around the circle it counts as a run.
4) Meanwhile the other team is chasing the object. Everyone forms a line behind the first person that has gotten the object. They then pass the object between their legs until it reaches the last person, where it is then passed overhead back to the first person in line.
5) When the first person gets the object the team yells out, and the other team stops counting runs. The first person in line that retrieved the object now has a circle formed around him and he throws the object and the process reverses.

Another article describes it as this:
Alaskan Baseball
If you want to play team building summer camp group games, then you should surely play this game. Considered to be one of the best camping games for kids. To play this game, divide the campers into two teams with equal number of players in each team. Name the teams as team A and B and handover a ball to player of one team. The team with the ball forms a circle. Suppose the ball is given to a player of team A. Now, the team A player who holds the ball throws the ball as far as possible. He then runs around the circle and calls out the names of the campers in the order of the circle. When he completes one circle, the team A scores one run. Meanwhile, the team B members run to chase the thrown ball and forms a line behind the person who has chased the ball. Then, the ball is to be passed from one player to another, between the legs. When the ball reaches the last person in the line, he has to run and handover the ball to the first person. The first person then shouts and team A stops making the runs. Now, team A and team B have to reverse the tasks and the team which makes maximum runs wins the game.

Basically? It's a game to wear kids out in the summer.

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