Thursday, June 14, 2012

Somebody's Watching Me ... Watch U(SA)

With apologies to Matt Bomer.
I admire all of your body ... of work.
(Please, people. This is a family site, and he is a family man and a gentleman.)

Most of the time when I'm running around the Upper West Side, I'm doing my own thing, running my errands, heading hither, thither, and yon, minding my business ... as a typical chill New Yorker.

Then something happens and you have to react/document. There was the time in the Post Office when I stopped someone from getting harassed by a pervert -- but that's another post on another blog.

Then there was the evening when I left late, and had to leave from a different exit than my usual. I came around the corner and saw a flurry of activity in front of a neighboring business. Now, things happen in the area all the time. I work for a destination of note in and of itself, not to mention it is part of an arts complex. "We've" seen presidential motorcades, Fashion Week, festivals, film shoots, and film premieres, to name a few, but this one was different.

A cable upfront from the channel I watch all the dang time! USA

I swear, if the cable company looked at the percentage of time my t.v. was on, and to what channel it was tuned, it'd be primarily the character-driven programs and NCIS rerun-heavy USA Network. I didn't want to be too much of a dork, so out my iTouch came (to be "checking for cell coverage" you see) and snapped these on the run. The daylight photos are at one time of the day, and the night shots are from the evening after the upfront.

My boss is pretty lenient on things, but I didn't think I could take a two hour lunch to sit out on the street and watch the red-carpet arrivals. Like with most other major NYC events in recent years, most recently the Shuttle Enterprise "fly-overs," I watched it happen via the Internet, specifically via Twitter feeds.

Actually, it was probably better that way. It was hot and crowded--two of my least favorite things about NYC. And on my screaming scale of measure of what I could hear up in my office, on a scale of 0 to "Holy Cow, it's a Harry Potter Premiere, two-days of rabid fans screaming for hours," it was only about a 2. If you didn't have press creds, you wouldn't have gotten close to the talent, and since I don't wear stilettos, I probably wouldn't have been able to see anybody, I mean, anything. This way of ogling is much better for all concerned. No fear of sudden-onset-stupid-fan ness, no hyperventilating hysteria, more ability to be silly and not embarrass the actors or self, unless.... you happen to mention something to a friend .... more on that in a minute.

Regarding this large poster of Matt Bomer seen throughout, I apologize again to the tech crew person who probably had to clean it off again the night before the event. I may or may not have impulsively "splatted" myself all over it in an embrace, leaving a face print/drool. Also, it truly doesn't do him justice. Why not have it be black and white and blue to show off those baby blues? WHY!?

There was a reenactment of my "splat" the next night when it was all over, which unfortunately? fortunately? was captured by my friend Cynthia.

Whoops, now I'm dizzy from all the silliness.

So, um. Yeah. That happened.

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