Sunday, June 24, 2012

Retroblogging 1980: June 24, 1980

June 24, 1980

Today I went school and at school we did the square dance we did yesterday. Tomorrow Valerie if she can is coming to my house. Rodyn babysat us today.

When school was out I came ? practiced my piano then we had lunch, Jed when for a nap and ? washed the dishes and then I worked in my math and spelling books. Mom went visiting teaching so Robyn babysat.

then jed woke up and mom was home. Today is sunny.

Even when I was little my writing couldn't keep up with the thoughts running through my head. Can you see the pattern of writers block (the stilted repetitive entries) versus the times I actually had something to say and I couldn't quite get it on paper the way I wanted? No technology for me as an 8 year old. Paper and pencil was how I had to spit it out. Now days I could have had an iPad or something to peck at.

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