Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Commuting Views: Strangeness on a Train, Spring 2012

As much as I hate to be *that* person on a train or subway snapping photos of fellow passengers, I've found that sometimes I just *have* to. I've also found that it's much easier to snap photos discretely with my iTouch than pulling out a point-and-shoot. While it's not as sharp as a "real" camera, (see the sunset shot out a train window during a rain storm), it's still better than nothing. Given that my Ms. Ruby Nikon 2.0's screen currently looks like this (see below), my iTouch is better than nothing.

Ms. Ruby Nikon 2.0 is temporarily in isolation on life support until we can take her to a doctor and discuss options. Apparently while she will bounce, internal injuries may or may not be able to be repaired. (When did this happen? Yesterday dang it. "Grace" has struck again.)

Anyway ... so Commuting? Is Colorful. You see all kinds of people on a train.

Artists of all kinds:

Make-up Artists.

Multi-tasking Fiber Artists.
(She's knitting--without looking--while reading her book. That takes talent.)

Pickup Artists, aka Hookers - I mean - Fiber Artists
Grannies making Granny Squares

Then there is the evidence of the Performing Artists
who, having tapped/stomped out their piece,
became Fine Artists when they left their framed work for all to enjoy.

Now, pardon me while I thank H.F. for being the Ultimate Artist --
for sculpting fine laborers for me ravish with mine eyes.

Doesn't he look like he could be a life model for something to be cast in bronze?
How about if you look at it in black and white?

After all the "suits" I see all day, it was refreshing to see one of the many union laborers that keeps the City going and growing. You just know that the muscles and tendons were sculpted in hard labor and not in gym visits to a trainer (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

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