Sunday, January 11, 2015

Retroblogging: Max and Mary Merry Christmas Message c2014

Back from my trip to see the parents, but still sorting through laundry, mail, and mentally trying to wrap my head around going back to work for the first time in the New Year. Will finish up my account of the trip soon, but here's a brief look in the way-back machine to Max and Mary's Merry Christmas letter, only slightly edited.

To note: they didn't actually send this to us kids. I had to beg for one in person.

Dad's e-mail to us:

Kids: Auntie Nettie reminded us after being here for a little while and looking at all the Xmax cards cards on the door that you all didn’t get the 2014 version of the Christmas letter.
Please find attached the 2014 Christmas letter.
Now who can beat this for getting information out too late.

December 2014

Dear Family and Friends All Over the Place:

This holiday season finds us back on the East Coast in Kensington, Maryland on a temple mission at the Washington D.C. Temple. Last year we indicated our paperwork was in, and after some delays due to housing availability, we arrived on September 22. Because this was our temple for twenty of the thirty years we lived in Connecticut, we feel right at home and have not stopped since we got here. We work at the temple five days a week, help out at the Visitors’ Center, fill positions in our ward of only temple workers, and try to keep up with all the social activities planned for our group. Naps during the day are a thing of the past. Nevertheless, we are very grateful for this blessing of being able to serve in the House of the Lord and grow spiritually.

 In thinking about writing this annual Christmas letter, I had to read over my sketchy journal to see what we did “Before Mission,” and noted many of the entries had to do with preparing for the mission. There are so many details which have to be considered when leaving home for a year. There were entries about traveling to Logan to visit the aunts, visits from friends and relatives to the [M&M] B&B, trips to California to see the Fresno relatives and for a bittersweet funeral, Amber’s baptism in Moscow, Idaho in February, the Idaho [crew] coming to St. George in July and us going there later in the month to babysit while Mom went to girls’ camp, exploration of the Oregon Coast after that Moscow, Idaho visit, Drew coming over from Mesquite to kayak with Grumpa, and watching Sarah and Cannon grow from babies to toddlers with unique personalities (They are two now.). Because of Facetime, we can still enjoy the grandchildren’s personalities and achievements. And, we might get [Auntie Nettie] down to visit from New York City in January. Our lives are full and rich and just exciting enough! Since I started this letter, Jaime Alice joined the Idaho ... family on December 6, 7#4oz. 21 inches, healthy and exhibiting a strong personality!

Grumpa Max is feeling older as we came out of one day a week work cycle to the Tuesday through Saturday work-week. After working from 12:30 PM to 7 PM the body and mind are looking forward to a quick dinner and off to dream land. We have not seen the sites in the area yet but are planning to use more of our Mondays to explore. Or at least Mary hopes to! We will see what next year’s letter has for a list of happenings.

As we all come to this holiday time of the year again and in anticipation of a New Year, may we all count our blessings and find the good in each other as well as the world. We think of each of you often and count our association with you as a great blessing.

Mary and Max

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