Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday Drew!

This guy is a whole ten years old now. 
A Decade.
Officially a pre-teen. 
Holy cow. 
 This guy has become a hard core New England Patriots football fan 
and is excited they are going to the Big Sports Ball thing.

He's also excited to explored all kinds of new activities this year, including:
Karate ...

   I love exploring, chatting, and playing with Drew when I get to visit.
 And am glad (and jealous) and the gets to go exploring and kayaking with Grumpa.

Yo, Drew!
 Don't change your little face!
 Or stop sending me notes and letters.

I love you. A lot.
Don't grow up too fast. I want you to want to hang out with me for a long time yet.

~ Auntie Nettie
aka, apparently,
J Dog

(some of the above photos c. of his folks and Grumpa) 

 Making wishes upon his lemon poppy seed cake
 thanks Grumpa and Kelli

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