Saturday, January 31, 2015

43 Ideas for Birthday 43: NYC Shopping Cart

After standing in line in an Upper East Side Fairway for about an hour waiting to check-out, with a heavy basket in the crook of one arm, and another bag gripped in the other, and then schlepping two very heavy and stuffed bags home in the subway, train, and then home ... I realized some things. 

A) There is a grocery store much closer to home at which I should have shopped. 
B) Why did I decide to shop on the Upper East Side on Saturday afternoon? Before the SuperBowl? WHY!?
C) Why do groceries get heavier the longer and further you lug them?
D) With the distances to travel, I can't stock up on some frozen goods and things.

The problem with a NYC store or one near my Attic is the same as all the others. Having no car means you carry what you can. 

For all the years I worked in the City I resisted getting one of those collapsible grocery carts, because it still wouldn't quite work for me, due to all the stairs that I would encounter. However, with the steep hills, and walk to the local store ... it would definitely be more helpful than hauling back about 50 pounds of groceries, and straining my neck and arms.

Even if it did mean I looked like one of the local little old neighborhood ladies.

Models can be found at: Amazon, Overstock, 
Folding Shopping, Rolling Utility Cart.Net, etc.

I'm stubborn, but I do eventually realize I'm being stubborn.

Postscript: Some anonymous friend of Auntie Nettie bought her a shopping cart! It is BEEEYOTIFUL and BLACK and ever so helpful.

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