Friday, January 9, 2015

Thursday: Tending to Your Temple

Last night/yesterday's post took so long to type out on the iTouch and then to choke through the internet wifi that it was early Thursday morning before I tried to go to sleep.

Tried. Tired. Anagrams.

My brain wouldn't shut off, but when it finally did, something triggered a coughing jag of epic proportions. I am slowly getting over this flu, but am still hacking, sneezing, tired, wheezing, and nursing sore abdominals. I don't know when I finally dozed off, propped up and swaddled in blankets, but it was late enough to hear the winds roaring  and feel the temps dropping.

When I finally emerged in the morning, something  told me that I wasn't the only one NOT feeling our plan to head into the City-center to be tourists. I think my first words weren't "Good morning," but: "I'm a wimp, I don't want to be out in the cold today."

No one debated.  It was all of 10 degrees when I made my pronouncement. And 10 was warm compared to the rest of the country.

So, it was a lazy, stay local, kind of day.

Eventually we all got showered, dressed, read, putzed around and eventually headed over to "the pickle deli." Because what you do when you are from NYC the Land of the Jewish deli is come to DC, to go to a Jewish deli. Totally makes sense, right? But these Mormons down here, they love them this local hangout they've nicknamed the "pickle deli" because of the free pickled item buffet you can browse while waiting for your meal. on Grubb Street. I'm not kidding, Grubb Street.

And the pickling is adventuresome: 1st sampler by dad: sandwich sweets, beets, jalapeño, some krauts, and a pickle
Beets, good. Sandwich sweets, good. LOVED the jalapeño. The pickle was okay, but soured with continual bites. Also, I learned, at almost 43, I DO NOT LIKE KRAUT.

Sampler 2, by Mom: more beets, usual dill diner pickle, sandwich pickles, and deli spear, more jalapeños, and a test to see if I would eat the hot pepper
Those jalapeños were so good, and of course I ate the hot pepper. Just hot enough.

When at a Jewish deli you order a,
Turkey burger and fries, right?
Mom did.
Or a turkey BLT pannini with fries, right?
Dad did, which is weird because he used to be a pastrami or corned beef guy. I don't like either of those flavor profiles.

I am a brisket lady.
A warm brisket on rye lady with a side of onion rings dame
When in a Jewish deli...don't get a falafel wrap, I always think.

Maybe I should have gotten the matzoh ball soup and the brisket, but no. I am living pleasantly in my state of denial at least a few more days. (Plus, pounds equals insulation right now. Hello? It is cold!) As it was I had to defend my right to my precious rings. My preccccccciouuuses.

At least we didn't order any of the hammenstaten, or cheesecake, or fritters, or pie, or rugelach, or eclairs or cannoli  (!!!????) we saw in the cases on the way in and out.

Then it was a quick swing by the temple grounds and the visitors center to see some of the places Mom and Dad see everyday.
Hazy afternoon suns make for silhouette shots of the temple
I am trying to remember exactly, but I think it has been 25 years since I have been here. Unlike when you are small and then you revisit as an adult and everything is smaller, this place is actually bigger now, at least on the inside. Renovations, new technology, and underground expansions will do that.

Being greeted by this Christus hasn't changed, which is lovely.
Displays include:
Explanations of Old Testament temples, like Solomon's here
And how they relate to modern Mormon temples.
There are lots of theater and screens showing various clips, presentations, and inviting you to view the new feature film: Meet the Mormons.
Sit in the booth and find out about the Book of Mormon in a variety of languages.

I do remember seeing older films in smaller rooms like this one.
There are new displays about the Church's many varied international and national humanitarian efforts.
Not to mention a new homey setting where the Church's genealogical offerings are available to start people on ancestry research.

It actually a good thing we didn't go to DC, as it turned out the Center would be closed for the rest of my trip.
That would have put a shadow on things, for sure.

One of the displays still being installed is a very large display of the temple itself, with an open cross section of the interior, so visitors can get more of a sense of what goes on inside. Visitors can ONLY visit the Visitors Center, not the interior of the temple, so pictures, displays, and models are helpful. It is NOT like a cathedral or the Vatican, or even some of the big synagogues or mosques abroad. No tours. Ever. Except during open houses after they are built or remodeled and then, only before dedications. So visitors centers like this are important, especially in DC with so many international visitors and opportunities for religious diplomacy.

Rest of the day was pretty quiet. Mom and I did venture out for a quick walk up the block to visit the old church bookstore I remembered from early trips down to this complex to see Grandma Ollie though now in a new location/new management. We also ducked into some local shops, but quickly returned home.

It was cold enough to make Dad check on the truck,
The local "crick" to freeze,
And for Mom to burrow back under the covers again while others of us read.

We (Mom and I) keep saying we ARE going into DC tomorrow (really later today) ....

but... It's 1am NOW.

I should at least try and post this today.

~ post and photos by iTouch

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