Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy Fifth Birthday Nathan!

Happy 5th Birthday!

So, buddy.This has been quite a year for you.

It hardly seems like it's been almost a year 
since I got to see you and goof off with all the family.

Remember swimming at the hotel at night during the snow?
Hanging out and taking naps with Grandmary and Grumpa Max?
Taking silly pictures with Uncle Max and some crazy grey haired lady?
Playing fish and being silly?
I especially liked all our library adventures and snuggly reading times.

I know you've had your moments as the little brother.
Look guys, it's like this ....

But we all were so excited by your enthusiasm about becoming the BIG brother.
 Even if you needed some last minute mommy time.
Now that you are the big brother to Jaime, I know you'll be great!

As always, I love talking to you on the computer, and hope to do so more soon. 
Until then, 
I love you ... to infinity and beyond. 
To the moon and back. 
To the far corners of the earth.
To whereever your superhero cape and imagination may take you.

Much love,
Auntie Nettie
photos from me, and courtesy of Nathan's parents via the grandparents 

 Partytime with Pirates, ARGGGGH
 Playing with Presents from Grandmary
 My day-late present
 And virtual hugs being returned!
 Thanks for sharing these Christina!

Love you Nathan Buddy

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