Tuesday, January 20, 2015

43 Ideas for Birthday 43: Wipe My Slate Clean

I am working on it. Really. In fact, I should FINALLY be able to pay off my grad school loan this year (on the Year 12 of the extended 15 year deferred payment plan schedule, but still. Whoo hooo! Way to use that library degree, me.)

However, if there's a real life Birthday Fairy looking to make an impactful major gift ... and I'm not saying for HOW much here, but in fund-raising terms MAJOR GIFT is a key phrase, ... I would be ever so humbly grateful.

This is my blog, and I can make random, impossible dreamy birthday wishes here if I want to.

Until then ... it's my hole. I dug it. I'll dig myself out of it.

(Kids, follow your auntie's advice. Don't dig yourself big holes. Literal or metaphorically financial.)


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