Saturday, January 10, 2015

Friday: Finally Featuring DC

This is going to be a briefer entry. It is almost midnight, again, and since Mom and I actually made it into DC today, there could be lots to report.

Things like:

Mary's first EVER trip on the DC metro.
As led and navigated by me.
Yes, we survived. Yes, we made it to and fro. Yes, we are still speaking.

Though, we may not when she sees yet another picture of herself on here.

The Smithsonians and The Mall and maps
We were there, and oh, there, and there....
The monuments and memorials

We did lots, but it was cold. Not as cold as earlier this week, but cold enough that you can see the ice flows in the Reflecting Pool at the Lincoln Memorial.

We headed back before rushhour on the Metro. It seemed wiser. And warmer.

It was a good, mellow, reconnaissance for future trips kind of day.

But, after dinner, things got a little fishy...
(Or maybe that was just my last supper of fried haddock and fries?)

Laundry was being done, under escort at the shared facilities, and Dad started assembling packing boxes.
It's like he thinks I am leaving tomorrow, and I have somehow got too much stuff to schlep back... And/or he's really ready for me to go?

Family Motto: We love each other... From a distance.

But, as I told some of the parents' new colleagues, it has been fun to play hooky this week, weirdness and all,  but I do have to head back to pay the piper.

To be continued from the train, later tomorrow/today

~post and photos via iTouch, 1/9. 11:57pm

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