Monday, January 5, 2015

Train Travels

To start my New Year off, instead of heading back to the office, I packed my bags and headed...

To see Mom and Dad in DC while they have a mini-break while the temple is closed for cleaning. 

On paper it is actually an easier and cheaper trip to see them... Via train.

2 ish blocks from my Attic to my MetroNorth stop, to

  • Grand Central, to
  • The Times Square shuttle across NYC, to
  • 42nd street to transfer to
  • The downtown 1 MTA taken 1stop down to
  • 34th Street Herald's Square/Penn Station, to wind through Penn to
  • Amtrak from NYC to DC Union Station, to
  • The Maryland MARC train to Kensington, MD to
  • About 2ish blocks to the parents' apartment.

Left about 8:30 this morning, arrived by 4:00, less money/hassle than flying, and... With hours of eastern sunlight on my southbound trips, lots of room in coach, and electricity and free wifi, why have I never taken Amtrak before? I caught up on some long overdue email...but not all, and refueled the Vit D levels that were diminished after 3 weeks of flu.**

 Sun. Glorious sun.

I will say that you shouldn't ride Amtrak hungry, as the conductors announce the food highpoints of each stop as you roll in.

If you read Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, you'll know why I was craving Tasty Kakes when we rolled into Newark and Trenton.

I want Philly cheesesteak now:
No pictures in Baltimore, but I want crab cakes. Look at the Chesapeake Bay:
Yes, there is a club car, but I had a long layover ahead in DC, so I waited.

MetroNorth could learn some things about platform designs:

I do have to note, Penn Station is the pit of despair; Union Station has better food options, and the same flying pigeons that seem to inhabit NYC's stations; I felt like I was in bizarro land in DC trying figure out commuter train tockets and schedules, and that the trains, crossings, and rural stations remind me of the ones in Chicago. Too weird. 

And then we passed these guys as I went to board train 5 of the day. We have come a long way, but...

Plans for tomorrow are in flux. Polar vortex, a snow clipper, and more are heading to DC, because OF COURSE!


*apparently, according to the news, the coughing component of this can last 1-3 more weeks. OY!

~photos and entry by iTouch

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