Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Edging too Close: Making the Mail

There is nothing like cutting it so close on finishing a crafting project that you are literally putting the last stitches in the edging and the label in the morning and then rushing to the Post Office in the afternoon so you can two-day Priority Mail it with prayers to make it to a baby shower on the 5th, less than 4 days from now ... in California. 
Yeah. So maybe that was me. I THOUGHT I had plenty of time. I literally started this present as I sat in my plane seat on the tarmac, en route West-bound on the 18th, had hours of driving up and down the length of Utah, rock-and-talk time with the aunties and cousins and kin, but I MAY have made a tactical error by working on my Christmas cards during the two week break.

I was so rushed packaging this (and my other two big boxes), that I didn't get the dimensions. It was pretty big though. It could be a crib cover, a toddler bed blanket, and/or keep someone(s) in a nursing rocker warm.

As it was for a pair of gems upon the birth of their first child, I went with a diamond pattern - one that was heavy enough to provide warmth if there were ever any cold California nights, but airy enough at the same time.

The poor hostess. I emailed her today and informed her the gift was en route- but oy! Too close. I only knew about the shower for months.

POSTSCRIPT: It got there on time (WHEW!) - and can apparently keep 2.5 people covered. Whoops.
Photo courtesy of Claire and Jenny
Go big or go home.

Also note: I finally got new labels explaining, once again, that this is NOT KNITTING.

~ photos by iTouch/iPhone

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