Thursday, December 17, 2015

'Tis Time for Tea, Holiday Tea

I have mentioned earlier, for the first time in my tenure at Caramoor and for probably the first time in over 30 years, the Music Room of the Rosen House was cleared of its wooden risers and chairs. This opened up entertaining options, not only for the fancy folks, but so that the company could almost double it's capacity on the very popular tea excursions. It's a tradition now, spring teas, Mothers & Others Teas, autumnal "Spooky" Teas, and the very popular Holiday Teas.

As a way to experience this seasonal treat in the new configuration, and to toast to the Team, the department treated us all to Holiday Tea.

It was lovely, and not at all awkward (she says sarcastically), when it came to the sing-a-long portion.

In the Formal Dining Room's Breakfast Nook, they had set up a static display of what tea may have looked like, oh lo - those many years ago.
Watch out for the HR nightmare of mistletoe leading into the Music Room.
Apparently ONE of the senior managers who should know better, was really into it.
Isn't the Room lovely? (This was a tea earlier in the week.)
 Matt, our lovely volunteer, pretended he didn't really know us and ushered us to our seats.
  I do love this china pattern. It's a shame to put food on it.
 Thanks, boss.
 Performance by the Avalon Jazz Band.
 (or in my case, 'still water and sipping herbal tea guiltily' time)

 Two tiers of this were sandwiches; one was sweets
 Have I mentioned? This group is NOT into sweets.
I just ... *shakes head*

Even though December is our busiest "dialing-for-dollars" / "beating the bushes" time of year, with 
mailings, sign- and phon-athons, mailings, mailings, and more mailings,
it is still important to have bonding time and celebration surviving the Festival and year.

"pinkies up"

(I "should" apologize to Alex for the photo above, but ... HO HO HO!)

~ photos by iPhone

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