Monday, December 21, 2015

Cutting it Close on a Christmas Commission

I cut it a LITTLE too close to Christmas on this commissioned stocking fit for a Duchess ... a Doggie Duchess.

To be honest, I was asked to do this for Christmas 2014 and I didn't have time. Tina asked me again MONTHS ago and I just never got to it. I was SUPPOSED to do it while on vacation over Thanksgiving, but it never happened because I was working on an enormous blanket for a baby shower present. I started this over the weekend, and finished the last stitch about 12:15 this morning. Christmas is in HOW many days? Whoops.

I was just told it had to fit a 3ft bone for a very spoiled German Shepherd. I THINK it's big enough. That's  yard-stick for scale. Again. That is a YARD STICK!. It's 30inches long. The blue stocking is mine.

Testing out placement of the appliques. 
This was the version I ended up with. 
Not the one some friends recommended.
 Starting the whip-stitching of the appliques.
 Please tell me that you can see that the holly is made out of dog bones.
 The main side
 In case someone with the initial D tries to take over this stocking. 
Paws OFF!

I don't believe in dinky Christmas stockings.

I am so looking forward to sleeping more than 6 hours a night here soon.
When is Christmas break?

It's RUFF to be doing this so late.

~ photos by iTouch

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