Friday, December 4, 2015

Pressing Matters

I just got back from vacation Wednesday, and had one day in the office before the onslaught of meetings. (I didn't miss the meetings.)

Even though we snack and munch and eat our way through our weekly team meetings with regularity, today's ... took the prize.

Or - was on the mark?
Pressed it's case?

One of my colleagues brought in her panini press to make grilled cheese sandwiches for our meeting to belatedly celebrate a teammate's birthday.
Yes. You read that right. 
She brought bread, three kinds of cheese, butter, 
and her panini press to make grilled cheeses for our staff meeting.

I think maybe we're taking this a BIT too far. 

Come and get 'em.
Hot off the griddle just in time to call the meeting to order.

 These girls.
We are all crazy.
 ~ photos by iPhone

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