Friday, December 11, 2015

Fête de Noël à la maison de Nina

[I don't know why I went French for that title, except I was trying to alliterate Noël  with Nina.] 

I attended my first holiday party at Nina's home in December 2013, even before I worked with her - officially. The fact that I attended "might" have been a clue to some of the Caramoor crew that the team dynamics were about to change. I had some "official business" to take care of first, so we had to keep it on the DL.

Parties à la maison de Nina are fun, homey, and her dogs and little boys continue to crack me up. Last year, I might have been wrangling one of the pantsless-wonders, which stood me in good stead with nephew Cannon decided to some of the same things when I visited over Thanksgiving. It ain't a holiday party until you spy at least one of the kids ... Well.


Friends from the department, "alumni" from the department, significant others, and many more attended. Munched. Talked. Laughed. And munched some more.
 And maybe some of us took some inspiration from lighting features,
 talked DYI, STEM, and MakerBots with Nina's Tom,
and came up with low-cost, recycled lighting options for summer activities.

 Glow stix and empty wine/water bottles

et voilà!

 Merci Nina

Joyeux Noël

Dinner by Nina
Desserts by Nettie 

~Photos by iPhone

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