Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jaime Just Grew Up! Happy 1st Birthday!

Somewhere in the rush of the last year, I may have not given the birth of Ms. Jaime its due. Which is very bad of this auntie.

Happy First Birthday, Ms. Jaime!

The most recent addition to the Idaho Branch of the Tree turns a whole year old today. Wow did that year zoom by.
Look at this little peanut with her mom and siblings back in December 2014.

Fast forward almost a whole gestation cycle later, and I got to see her chubby smiling face IN PERSON back in August 2015. She didn't quite know what do to with me (and why would she?), but her mom has figured out the trick to get all those great shots that Grumpa has been sharing with me, like the ones above.
And even though Mom was her favorite person, she's kinda of okay with her poppa too.
The older kids love her too - in their sibling-esque ways, 
and there's not a family resemblance at all or anything.
In August she wasn't quite mobile yet, so you could put her down and she'd play. 
Maybe roll over, and definitely rock,
but to get around, she had the best transportation mode of all figured out.
What a smiley little one. Another water baby for the family.

My visit was too short, and she just keeps growing, developing, and investigating.

Per Christina's SM accounts (thanks Grumpa):
Look at this face! She even held still long enough for me to get a few pictures in. This little lady is EVERYWHERE!
 It has happened- Jaime has been out as long as she was in: 9 months. It sure is racing by. Love my little princess!
 This little trouble maker is so pleased with herself that she finally found the pantry door open so she could investigate.
  10 months old!

Lucky shot by Grandmary of Grumpa and the youngest 

Pretty Kitties for Halloween 2015
 At 11 months, quoth her mom:
This little lady is so fun and hard all at once. She is into everything but has so much personality. Love her.
 (Sorry Jaime. There has to be the obligatory baby bath shot somewhere.)

Thanks, Grumpa, for sharing Birthday Celebration photos:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAIME! Hope you enjoyed tasting the books!

Post-script to her birthday:
By mid-December, Grumpa shared this one from the gang, with the quote:

This little one has decided now that she was 1, she would take off and start looking and acting all big.

Also, apparently the winter rolls around in Idaho and now the little monkey is out playing with her sibs in the snow.

I don't WANT to wait a year to see her, but the way schedules are looking, it may be. I need to make a Skype appointment here soon.

~my August photos by iTouch; rest courtesy of Jaime's folks via SM, except one by Grandmary

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