Saturday, September 27, 2014

Off to Play: Girl time with Amelia, Christine, and Melodi

c. 2012 at Governor's Island

More pictures soon, but off to NYC to play with Christine and Amelia and meet Amelia's new "daughter," a poodle named Melodi. I've been overbaking and food prepping all week. I think I made too much, but party-time means FOOOOOOD.

Pesto Pinwheels,
and homemade dog biscuits


It was a perfectly wonderfully, hot, sunscreen-needed, late "summer" NYC afternoon of talking, grazing around the roof-top kitchen bar, meeting new puppy niece Melodi, and hanging with the ladies. 

I think I need a roof-top deck, with an herb-garden border, in my next apartment.

 Amelia and Deb setting up
Ms. Melodi was having none of me, but LOVES Christine

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