Monday, September 29, 2014

Max and Mary Mission Update: Moving

I don't think Grandmary and Grumpa have lived in an apartment since I was a wee toddler, which is over 40+ years ago. They have perhaps gotten a wee bit used to living in a house, and more recently, gotten used to a house with a larger bathroom - and, in the UT house, TWO bathrooms. Oui?

As a NYC-adjacent apartment dweller of MANY years, I have gotten more used to some of the things which the folks are re-experiencing. At least the apartment is furnished - so they didn't have to haul major furniture and appliances.

Read below:

E-mail updates from Dad on Friday, 9/26:

We were awake early with people upstairs moving around, the trains in the area, and getting used to a new place. We found the mall and picked up a few odds and ends to help us settle in.

Most of you know we got here Thursday evening about 3:45 and had the truck unloaded by 4 PM with the help of about ten people.

We have all but two of the 11 bins unpacked as well as the suitcases. Things put away, dishes washed, and Mom is doing laundry now.

I slipped out this afternoon and took a few pictures of where we are staying.
Below is the front of building 18 and we are in apt. 103 we are on far side of building.

Picture below is of the apartment door. Apartment 102 to the right and 104 to the left. Mailboxes are in the foreground.
We have the west facing, back windows so stay warm, I have on AC and a fan this afternoon.
I would rather park in the back of the building and come in a back, ground-level entrance. The front has three sets of steps going down.
Looking into the front room from doorway. Two chairs, couch, and the living room is done. Dining room has nice table and chairs, and makes it so we don’t have to have big group to dinner.
 Looking down hall and seeing part of kitchen with large walk-in pantry.
Fridge is behind the light switch along with some more counter-tops. It was about 4:15 PM here and we had been out shopping this morning.
Down hallway past closet and shelves on left you see door to main bedroom. Door way to the right goes to small bedroom. 
This is the small single bed room with a desk for the computer and printer, places to put clothes and a good closet. West facing windows as well.
This is the hardest part of the apartment - an RV size bathroom with tub and shower together. Too tight for two.
I am standing in the walking closet, looking at the west facing windows with another set to the left above the two chairs. We think these two chairs and one in the living room are left over from another time. The bed is a king being made by pushing two twins together and putting a foam to cover the valley in the middle. Maybe next year they will be putting in a new queen instead.
Looking from my side of the bed toward the closet and hitting the mirror with the flash. We seem to have room for most of the clothes that arrived but leaving winter coats in a bin for a while.
With my back in the corner of two windows looking toward bathroom. Mom has to remember to go left now instead of right with her eyes closed at night.
This last shot is back into the living room from bedroom. I am wondering why they didn’t put pull-out couches in the living rooms.

J just flashed an email back after getting the first batch of photos. Yes, we have picked up the computer printer, TV, and a little food. Larry the Cable Guy will be coming in the “Late Morning” to hook up the Direct TV receiver we brought with us. He seemed to be as disappointed as I am that the Receiver is not HD. Mom thinks I need the TV, but she needs the noise to cover some of the building group.

Anyway we are pooped out today and glad that Saturday is allowing for a little more down time.

I think we are going to make it even if I look and feel the youngest ones we have seen so far. Bless the people that are here, and pray they are still here in the morning.

Love you all!

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