Tuesday, September 16, 2014

(Secret) Toy Society Drop: Summer 2014

Once upon a time, Auntie Nettie made a bunch of toys to give away to those who needed a special treat. I stashed a few at Grandmary's UT house so she could teach the grandkids about the fun of leaving surprises for other people. This summer, when the family came down from Idaho, there was a perfect opportunity for Christina and the kids to their first drops for The (Secret Toy Society).

Unfortunately, it appears The (Secret) Toy Society blog seems to be inactive again. But I'm still going to do this.

Dropped: Summer 2014 by Christina and the kiddos near the St. George, Utah (USA) library
Number of Toys: 3
Made by: Auntie Nettie
When: Sometime in Summer 2014
Comments: Got a message from Christina at the end of August. She and the kids dropped these three little presents around the area by the St. George, UT library when they were down from Idaho visiting Grandmary and GrumpaMax. She said that when they left, two had already been claimed.

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Marissa Zeveigenhaft said...

I want to do this as well, let's keep it alive!