Saturday, September 13, 2014

Farewell to Flora / Funeral Program

The text from the funeral program:

In loving memory of
Flora C. Morgan Tillery
Dec. 29, 1925 to Aug. 11, 2014

Farewell to Flora
Honored Mother, Beloved Grandmother, Cherished Friend

Presiding: President Dean Witt
Conducting: Bishop Pauline
Organist: Tyler Howell
Chorister: Nyla Tillery

Opening Hymn: Page 295 Love at Home
Opening Prayer: Torianna Deason

Welcome by Bishop Pauline

by grandchildren and great-grandchildren
Accompanist: Carolyne Tillery
Memories of Grandma: Lis Noyes
Eulogy: Lurane Van Nortwick

Poem Words of Wisdom from Grandma
Reading by Chris Tillery
Speaker: Wayne Tillery
Musical Number: Luke and Chrystal Tillery

Poem Memories of Mother
Reading by Myriah Tillery
Spiritual Thought: Preidesnt Dean Nelson
Closing Remarks: Bishop Pauline

Closing Prayer: Lee Maxfield

Travel to Graveside Services Following our Chapel Meeting

Pall Bearers: Flora's Grandsons, (listed by age)

Eli Hallack, Gabriel Hallak, Carl Noyes, Warren Schroeder, Any Van Nortwick, Jason Randolph, Daniel Hallak, Patrick Tillery, Brian Tillery, Luke Tillery, Justus Tillery, Chris Tillery, Tommy Tillery, Tyler Tillery,
Connelly Tillery, Axel Deason


Clovis Cemetery
305 North Villa Avenue
Clovis, CA 93612

Graveside Dedication:

Conducting: Bishop Pauline
Opening Prayer: Anngela Schroeder
Remarks: Bishop Pauline
Dedication of the Grave: Wayne Tillery
Closing Song: (see insert for music)*
Closing Prayer: Justus Tillery

"Sorrow forgot, Loves purest joys restored.
Be Still my Soul. When change and tears are past.
All safe and blessed, we shall meet at last."

*not included
Memories of Mother

I wonder if the little path
  Still winds across the sod-
The little, narrow, beaten path
  Where friendly feet have trod,
I wonder if the trumpet wine
  And flowing almond tree
Are blooming along the way
  Just where they used to be.

I wonder if small children's feet
  Are eager still to climb
The old board fence and "cute across,"
  As long ago did mine,
And if the same old kitchen door
  Is standing open wide,
Where eager eyes may catch
  A glimpse of mother's face inside.

Oh little memories like these
  Come creeping in betimes
And sing themselves to little tunes
  And set themselves to rymes.
Just haunting little memories
  That seem to cling and guide
The thoughts along to open doors
  And mother's face inside.

Someday I'll find another path
  Where friendly feet have trod,
That's leading down the valley road
  And o'er the hills to God.
When on those strange eternal shores
  The heavenly gates swing wide,
'Twill just be "Home Sweet Home"
  Once More
With Mother's Face Inside.

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