Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back to School Fall 2013

It's almost time for Columbus Day and I'm finally getting around to posting the annual Back to School round-up! Whoops. Time got away from me again.

Time moves so quickly - which is really evident when you see how tall and mature some of the kids are getting to be. Thanks, as ever, to all their parents for permission to post the pictures here.

Like Mr. Drew the Dude here. He's in third grade now, and totally seems to have the 'tude to match. As you read earlier, he's now playing flag football.  And he likes to read, THANK GOODNESS. I'll take suggestions please, since he's out of series and I'm out of the YA loop.
Moving north to Idaho. There must be something in the fresh mountain air because look at how tall the girls are growing! Amber - on the left - is off to second grade now and still showing her love for purple on the first day of school, just like last year. Elle - on the right and almost as tall as her older sister - was officially a schoolkid this year and off to kindergarten.
As you can see, Amber is still quite the ... dramatic one.
Elle is starting to show inclinations about future career trajectories. Here she is caring for Nathan and his Pup Pup.  Watch these clues carefully. Sometimes our "play" tells people what we may end up doing. Such the serious doctor/patient faces. I wonder what she hears.
via J's Instagram
While Nathan isn't technically in school yet, he does manage to look quite studious in his Poppa's spectacles.

Moving East, My Blondie Girls have been in middle school for months now. All of them.
To quote their mother: It's back to school time!! Look out middle school, they're all yours!
from the twitter
All three of them are multifaceted threats. Smart, beautiful, athletic, and musically inclined. I hope their father is working on his "date" deterrent dialogue and demeanor!

Up in Maine, the Crew is all in school now, much to their mom's delight. The Eldest is now in seventh grade and "recently scored  the only goal in her team's field hockey game." Way to go M! I think you are taller than me now.
from the Instagram
The other Mr. D is now also super tall and now in third grade. Also Mr. Sporty, according to his mom: "he scored the only goal for his [soccer] team today in their tie game. He played a great half as keeper too. It was a perfect day for soccer."
also from the Instagram
The twins, A & I are now in first grade. According to mom: "they’ll stay together until a) they start to compete with each other, b) they request to be separated or c) all of the above. They each have their own strengths (I is a strong reader and A has strong math skills) so they don’t compete too often. Having twins in school is still a new phenomenon for me, so we’re take things year by year."

Another summer down - and in spite of all the tumultuous-ness and togetherness, everyone survived! Gold stars for all the parental units. Thank goodness for venting/sharing/therapeutic methods of choice!

Photos courtesy of parents, via e-mail, Twitter, and their blogs.

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