Monday, October 14, 2013

Retroblogging: Cruising Cuisine

I'm off to the Wellfleet area of the Cape with my Mom this week, so it's only appropriate to do some retroblogging for my last vacation - the Canadian Cruise with Christine.

Today's post will be all about some of the food from the vacation, which I shouldn't have written when I was hungry.

Monday: August 5th ~ In Port


Without even realizing it, THIS is the table on the ship in the Guy's Burger Joint where we just happened to sit.
It was a sign.

Shrimp burrito from Blue Iguana Cantina (me)
 Fish tacos from Blue Iguana Cantina and fixings from Guy's Burger Joint (Christine)
Dessert Bars (me, of course)
Stick a fork in me, I'm done. This chocolate mousse thing was the best dessert of the trip.
Why did I never see it again?
 The cake pops? I don't see the appeal. The dough is like undercooked batter.

 Toasting our departure - BYOB

Dinner in the Amber Room:
Rolls (starch) with a baked potato (more starch) (me)
brisket with veggies, more mashed potatoes (yet more starch), and gravy (me)
I have notes that I did eat a salad, but didn't take a picture.
Cheese plate and fruit plate (Christine)
 Warm chocolate melting cake with ice cream (me, of course)
Why did I only eat this once?

Ice and ginger ale for later

Tuesday: August 6th ~ At Sea

When ice cream is available 24 hours a day, why not have it with a cookie for breakfast? (me, of course)
Even though we were heading to Canada, neither of us wanted to try traditional poutine, so we made our own with Guy's fries and extra fixings from the Iguana Cantina. Fries. Jalapenos. Cheese. Salad. YUM.
Since we started so late in the day, brunch morphed into lunch time when the buffets opened. 
We tried the seafood options - since we were at sea and by that station.  
Ceviches. Octopus salad. Fried something fritters. (Christine)
 Traditional fish and chips (me)
Both were "eh." We could have had more fries and salsa and been happy.

Afternoon drinks collection up on the Serenity Lounge

Dinner in the Amber Room:
I honestly don't remember what all Christine ordered, but there was a lot of it.
I had spring rolls, veggies, potatoes, ANOTHER baked potato, and PRIME RIB.
 Dinner hour was a bit of a mad house, so the ship sent dessert back to the room in apology.
 I think I only ate one of the nutty things. We weren't sure what the pyramids were.

Wednesday: August 7 ~ Saint John, New Brunswick

Room Service Continental Breakfast
Exploring the shops and markets of Saint John. Realizing that it's time to import more British products. And don't shop hungry. Somehow NONE of the following were purchased or consumed.
 BeaverTails cause Americans to giggle.

Lunch at the City Market:
Fried Scallops and chips (for me, of course)
 Do you sense a theme with the potatoes? I had way too many potatoes.
Christine bought a spinach salad to try and even out all the starch.
 Here she is contemplating her lobster roll.
 Dinner on board in the buffet dining rooms:
Miscellaneous assortment of salad, fish, cheese, etc.  (me)
 Plus popcorn and treats in the room later in the evening.
Which actually happened a lot.
There was popcorn all over the floor for days. (Christine)

 Thursday: August 8th ~ Halifax, Nova Scotia

 Breakfast on board in the buffet dining rooms:
Filled up with eggs, bacon, etc. so we'd have energy to walk all over Halifax.

Mid-afternoon lunch:
Always get recommendations from the local shop owners. The ship may steer you one way, but the locals KNOW. The Foggy Goggle was a block away from the Inkwell, where I got most of my artful souvenirs. What an pair of oasis.
 Christine tipped this so I could snap the photos, so you can see the sauce slurping over the side of the bowl. She had the Eastern Shore mussels steamed with white wine, garlic and lemon. Served with garlic bread and extra bruscetta.
I had my best meal of the trip here. Truly the salad earned the name: EPIC. The Epic Salad was: Quinoa croquettes, Black Beans, Cucumber, Peppers, Red Onion, Carrots, Beets, and Nutritional Yeast, all on a bed of Greens. Topped with almonds and with a substitution on the dressing - something light and fresh. SO GOOD.

Dinner on board:
Various salads from the buffet, various desserts, and pizza from the 24 hour ovens.

Friday: August 9th ~ At Sea

Room Service Continental Breakfast
Lunch back at the Iquana Cantina:
A shrimp burrito for me
 Fish tacos for Christine
Last Dinner in the Amber Room:
More fish and chips for Christine
Mac & Cheese and bacon for me
I have notes that there was a salad consumed to even out the starch.

Just reading this I feel like I should go on a juice fast for a month to detox.
And that I could call the Foggy Goggle and have that salad delivered for my lunch, every day.

We actually ate in moderation compared so some of what we saw on board.


I think I'll skip the fries and fried scallops on my Cape trip.


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