Thursday, October 10, 2013

Retroblogging: Summer Fridays 2013

Sometimes trying to keep up on this blog can be a real bear. I know it's easier to do it as things happen, but then life and projects get in the way. Life just roars on by and trying to claw out time for intensive posts can make me snarl.
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Take blogging this summer. I had a project list that I was trying to tackle and prioritize around. And, added to that, the summer heat - while not as bad in years past - was still a bit oppressive due to the humidity. It was NOT a treatwave, contrary to what McDonald's would like to you to believe.
Really advertisers. Does this work?
The summer, and all of it's wonderful Summer Fridays, flew by. I outlined some of them already, and I was organizing, cooking, packing, or cruising on others. 

On a few of my other Fridays, I found myself heading in and out of the City running errands related to some of my other organizational projects. 

Things look lovely from the inside of an air-conditioned train, don't they?
The one treat I did indulge in a few times was a combo of a spicy Jamaican patty and an icy cold Diet Coke from Golden Krust at Grand Central. Don't mind the lap full of crumbs.
So good. Now I want one RIGHT NOW!
The Fourth of July weekend rolled on by and somehow I ended up getting the summer sickness of some sort. Nothing like a fever of 101+ to celebrate a three day weekend. Not only didn't I get up to Caramoor for the fireworks, but I wasn't able to help a friend move.

Instead I felt super crappy and decided to try and cheer up by doing a thematic mani/pedi - with varying success.
My feet are gnarly. I need professional help.
After so many years of having super short nails due to piano and then food service, and also not being able to wear polish due to the aforementioned food service, I feel weird with polish on my nails. It also chips and smudges and snags within seconds of application - on me, at least.

I also enjoyed watching the Twitter feed of the Boom Box Parade from ye olde  hometown of Willimantic. Social media is great for bringing far-flung community members together. Some of us started reminiscing about parades and politicians of yore and I pulled out the last of the family souvenirs from and snapped a picture to share. Talk about memories. The family used to have a HUGE stack of these potholders from Sam Gejdenson.

The one surprise I stumbled upon on these summer Fridays was exactly what these Fridays were for - finding the little secrets of the City that I've missed after over 20 years in the area ...

Library Way, at 41st Street
According to an article in Library Journal:

"The two blocks of East 41st Street that lead to the landmarked Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, the largest of The New York Public Library (NYPL)’s research libraries, have a tale to tell, but to read it, you must walk with your eyes cast down at your shoes. Inset in the pavement are 96 beautifully sculpted rectangular bronze plaques with literary quotations and whimsical illustrations."

 "Each plaque has a passage from a writer and a related artwork. For example, for Francis Bacon, two books are set at sharp angles to one another and each book has a “bite” taken out, accompanied by the quotation: “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested . . . .” Each bronze plaque is rectangular, and each is approximately two and one half feet by one and a half feet in size.  Other quotations are from Descartes, Emily Dickinson, E.B. White, and Virginia Woolf, among many others."

The full article in the Library Journal can be found at:

I need to go back when the light isn't so blinding, now that it's not so hot, and with my real camera. Most of these pictures are from the iTouch and they and I couldn't see what we were shooting for the most part.

I miss three day weekends. I will ALWAYS miss three day weekends.

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