Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy Birthday J!

 HEY! Can I have your attention for a MOMENT PLEASE!


Look up from the device for at least a second or two.
You know you aren't going to get a signal and
you aren't going to be able to get Siri to give you directions in the middle of a state park!

Now then... where was I?

It's your birthday! 


I'm so glad that we had time to get together this year to see the twins and compare notes with bro.
And tease each other, as only siblings can.

Don't give me that scowly face. 
You knew you weren't supposed to be on your phone at church!
Why are you glaring at me now? 
The flash is totally washing out the grey/black contrast!
Okay okay.
Maybe THESE aren't your best looks.
But this one? Is TOTALLY YOU - a man called J ..... ayne.
Thanks for letting me come up to Idaho and play in the snow
though, there was NO way I was getting on a sled
especially with you FILMING the whole thing!

Now then. 

Happy birthday my favorite-st of my youngest of brothers living in a place that is in Idaho.

Love ya,


As you were.

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