Friday, October 11, 2013

Retroblogging: Island Hopping August 2013

It only took a year, but I finally got to go to Island Burgers in Hell's Kitchen. It was also the only "real" Island Hopping that I managed to do this summer - despite having a long list that carried over from last year. (And now will carry over until NEXT year.)

In mid-August, Cynthia and I mourned the conclusion of "our" summer (we're on an academic calendar) by heading down to Island Burgers for a leisurely dinner and lots of catching up.

The burgers may seem pricey ($12+), but they are delicious. If you, like me, are off of ground beef, all of the burgers can be substituted with grilled chicken sandwiches (churascos). I was so full - I had to work it all off by walking across town to the train, and even then, I didn't need food until lunch the next day.

 Me: BOURBON STREET – blackened, bacon, jack, bayou mayo, sautéed onions on sourdough*


* I always have to ask, there was no Bourbon in the recipe.
Also, the Jack? It was pepper jack cheese. I sometimes need to check it's not  Jack Daniel's.

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