Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Retroblogging: What is Art? or "F-Art"?

 There were a variety of artful moments on the cruise. Some avoidable. Some staged.
  Some were amusing.
 Most on board were painfully awful - so much so that we wanted to forget it. Forgettable + Art = FArt.
 These birds were roosting in our room - causing pain to Ms. Christine's eyes.

In fact, 99.9% of the art on board was so awful that I didn't even waste digital space documenting them for posterity. Except for these three, which I used more for landmark and navigation guides than anything. I even made up a sad back story for the girl with the violin. Love or music? Love or music? I know she chose love, because she doesn't have the neck callus/hickey of a true string player.
If Matisse knew that his stuff was being ripped off for bad bathroom art he would be appalled. As would the Egyptian gods holding up the on-board casino.

On land, things were more aesthetically pleasing. I liked the art found on the streets better than the FArt at sea.
 Someone please make me a stuffed L(l)amacorn. I could spin the hair into warm clothing and be MAGICAL!

 I now realize why I bought so much real art from various street artists and independent shops in New Brunswick and Halifax. I was trying to balance out the FArt I was exposed to with the REAL stuff.

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