Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer Weekends 2012: Wandering the Streets

Live from New York ...
It's a(nother) day of Fun with Christine and Amelia!!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

It seems only fitting that I "ended" the summer chilling with my girls, as that's how I started the summer. Instead of visiting the Isle of Entertainment, we spent the day exploring Governors Island off the coast of lower Manhattan and then had a leisurely afternoon wandering around, dining, and then happening upon various other amusements.

I'll cover the bulk of our Island Hop later, but it was delightful to get off the ferry and then go do more exploring. Amelia wanted to show us Stone Street - one of the remaining cobblestone streets in New York, now one of the trendiest areas for outdoor restaurant dining in the City. We ended up staying for a long afternoon of talking, people watching, avoiding being dive-bombed by pigeons, and yummy Mexican-inspired food.

As we sat there, the crowds came and went. Waiters broke down umbrellas belonging to one restaurant, and then began the turn-over for the evening's dinner rush. It is a scene, and I can't imagine what it's like to live near there - or over some of these places. I am definitely not one of the "beautiful people" who brunch/drink down there, so our timing was perfect.

On the left, some vintage touches in one of the historic taverns, where we didn't dine. I also didn't get over to take pictures of the door handles to Mad Dog & Beans. The hardware for the door pulls were adapted shot guns. There were many options for dining on the street, but after a day at "sea," we were in the mood for chips & salsa and then drinks for the girls.

Not pictured, the chips and salsa sampler for the first course or my side of pickled jalapenos. So good. Just enough heat - but WHOA, Am I glad I didn't get the serranos!

Below, on left, my flautas de pollo: three crispy corn tortillas filled with potato, queso fresco and stewed chicken and served with green tomatillo and roasted tomato sauces, lettuce, cabbage, pico de gallo and crema fresca (YUM!)
On the right, Christine's grilled shrimp tostada: two crispy corn tortillas with guacamole piled high with a salad of shaved romaine, white cabbage, queso fresco and pico de gallo, tossed in cilantro-basil dressing, drizzled with crema fresca and topped with grilled shrimp

Above: Amelia's mushroom quesadilla: a blend of Chihuahua and Monterey Jack cheese melted in a grilled flour tortilla, served with crema fresca and pico de gallo and a side of grilled corn smothered with chipotle mayonnaise, chili powder and queso fresco

Aren't you hungry now? A day of fresh sea air, walking, talking, and playing and we were hungry! We weren't by the time we cleared our plates. We were full. So, so full.

We did a bit more walking around lower Manhattan, back over to the subway line to take us to Grand Central. I wish I had had my video camera on to capture a) the look on the tourists' faces as b) Christine and Amelia raced each other up to the subway platform via the flights of stairs for one and the escalator for the other. Not being graceful and so, so full (or stupid), I sedately watched and took the escalator up in a more civilized manner. To be a fair friend, I will say, that they laughed, they wheezed, and then they "tied." And no tourist or friends were harmed in the tomfoolery.

Also missed in documenting, the variety of panhandlers now operating on the subway. We had too much to discuss about various subjects to pay attention to the spiel anyway. (Yes, still. Even after a day of walking, talking, and dining. We have a lot to work through after a few weeks/months!)

We got back to Grand Central in between departure times for our various trains, so before stocking up on drinks and magazines for some, we discovered that there was a street fair going on on Lexington Avenue right outside Grand Central. Out back to the streets to explore.

A lot of these vendors are the same ones that travel between events in the City. In fact, I recognized the scarves and bracelets from my other trip to lower Manhattan from the day I went to Staten Island. However, we stumbled on the youngest (and cheapest) psychic in New York taking a short break from his consultations,

the reason why there are overweight people/rodent issues in New York,

and the "Home of the World's Best Brownie!"Thank goodness I was so full of chips, salsa, and jalapenos. No temptation for the popcorn, brownies, or the red velvet whoopie pies I see lurking in the display.

I did spy future retail opportunities for some of my relatives, as well as bikes that would almost induce me into trying to ride one again. ALMOST. After a year - the "shark bites" have almost completely healed and the mental scars are fading.

Such a wonderful day in the City with some very lovely ladies who are game for exploring all kinds of things and taking adventures all over the different kinds of seashores in the New York and New England area with me!

XO Girls. Let's go back soon!

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