Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Weekends 2012: Games with the Girls

What beats the summer heat/day off doldrums but a day out with your girl friends, for food, fun, laughter, and re-discovering your inner children?

I met up with Amelia and Christine for an afternoon of sensory overload at a suburban marketing mecca that housed a Dave & Busters. Look at the girls go!

Skeeball, Hoops, Wack-a-Mole, Dance Dance Revolution, Ms. Pac-Mac, Air Hockey, and so much more ... including a game where I oh-so-slightly scared them with some stress-relieving shoot out with digital demons. Watch out!

I tried to document how fast the girl were going in this Speed of Light game, but my pictures were all blurry.

Waiting for an "artistic" rendering of the three of us, by a mechanical Michaelango.

More fun and games. Check out the cheater at hoops there on the right.

The Shushing Librarian joined us, of course, and had her own version of a good time. She spent a lot of time trying to get to the chocolate, the bullion, reliving some good times on her Harley,

feeling the need---the need for speed, and trying to let off some stress by imagining particularly problematic patron's faces on targets, oggling the dudes, and batting for swag.

After we escaped the sensory overload and a spice load-up trip to Penzeys, we revisited the scene of the Service Shower to say hi! to Alithia and family ... just timed perfectly (somehow) for dinner. Grilled pizza, salad, and a show from a wee small boyo, Alex.

Good food. Good friends. Good day.

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