Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Auntie's Day 2012 to Me

I love this recent letter from my niece Amber. Thanks to a lovely post-it from her mother, I know it says:

Dear [Auntie Nettie]

I love you. I was wondering if you can come for a visit here.


Please note that Amber is wearing her favorite colors, purple and red. She has also accurately portrayed the original differences in our hair hues. I even know which blouse she's got me wearing. I guess I keep packing the same clothes whenever I visit. (Maybe it's time for a wardrobe makeover?)

Since I haven't seen the little monkeys since Christmas 2010, it's time to make a long-over due visit to their new digs in Idaho. Is it holiday break yet?

Love you too Amber ... and Elle .... and Nathan ... and Drew .... and Phineas and Fern* .... as well as all my honoraries-- E.D., The Blondie Girlz, The Maine Montley Crew, Moosh and Mozzi, and so many many more!

*oh, who are Phineas and Fern (or Ferbina)?
These guys ... or more specifically
this guy and gal
(according to the ultrasound tech**)

Coming soon to a blog near you, in the winter of 2012!
So excited for more nieces and nephews to spoil.

**Subject to change upon delivery. Surprises due without notice - though new 3D ultrasound technology make that a little more difficult to manage.

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