Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Scenes 2012: Commuting Views

Although working through the loss of a second camera in about six months (RIP Ms. RubyNikon), I've still been trying to document some of the things I see around me. Thanks to a cell phone and/or an iTouch, I've managed to photograph some of the daily scenes in the life of Auntie Nettie.

l: I take photos. A photo of a photo ... too meta?
r: How do New Yorkers wash their cars? Double park on the avenue, run a hose to the local building/fire department, and wash them right there in the street! (Don't try this at home. Use a car-wash or your driveway, like most of the country.)

At the office building

l: Behold the current state of the corridor outside my office. Such loveliness/health hazards. Corridors of Power? HA!
r: The view outside the building only reflects how nice the outside is, versus the insides. Storm clouds passing - look for sunlight on the horizon.

One day I came out the service exit to see that the local mounted police were keeping the street safe - for children of all ages and species. Note: I had to take a series of photos to get this one on the right. I knew it would happen. You just have to wait for the moment to occur. The officer was more patient than his steed; that horse was ready for the stable and his oats!

Heading home:

It's not just the people of New York who eek out a living off the little patches of land between concrete.
l: a little urban garden spotted off the train tracks right by a highway on-ramp.
r. This doe was spotted on my way home, as I was walking over a highway overpass. She just emerged out of the thicket on the highway ramp. You don't usually see deer near this particular highway. I guess the coyotes aren't far behind. I got funny looks for taking the photo, but still. When the wildlife decides to move in, you start wondering about the deer ticks taking up residence in your hood too.

Series: Juxtaposition of looking down and looking ahead

l: Encroaching foliage into the Concrete Jungle
r: It's a rat-eat-pigeon squab world up in the overpass rafters.
Urban decay takes on a whole new meaning.

Walking home to the setting sun.

l: To find that it's July and the Christmas lights are still up above and below me.
r: Working dinner, while fielding phone calls and working on the computer.
So glamorous ... not!

Just a random assortment, I know, but it's good to off-set all the childhood pictures from time to time, too. Real life and stuff keeps happening in the present, while I look to the past.

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