Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

While I'm enjoying a "staycation" July 4th this year,
I hope you're enjoying all kinds of holiday traditions.

Perhaps you are traveling?

Pay attention to the little quirky things you see on the road --
Like these menus from Idaho local haunt.

Maybe you are enjoying traditional American fare. Perhaps fried chicken and an Idaho russet swimming in butter, or an iced cold A&W root beer or ice cream float after a long drive on your Harley?

What's more American than apple pie made from local apples from your farmers market or local general store?
Or enjoying a quick coffee, a local drop of flavor in America's culinary melting pot?

Maybe you are using the day to indulge in a bit of wood working? Making some handicrafts?
You never know. They may end up in a museum in Chicago, to be enjoyed by people from around the world, like this Whirligig at the Art Institute.

Perhaps you are enjoying a day of hauling out and revving up the old artillery, for a bunch of parades and/or
in preparation for an evening of sparklers and fireworks?

Just be careful in drought areas.
One spark could equal wildfires. Take caution -- or just watch the extravaganzas on the television.
(Only you can avoid forest fires. ~ Smoky the Bear)

On behalf of Lady Liberty, Uncle Sam, and The Shushing Librarian, we wish you a Happy Independence Day.

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