Monday, July 16, 2012

Retroblogging 1980: July 16, 1980

July 16/80

I have been reading a a book that is called The Witch's Buttons and it is by Ruth Chew. It is Robyn's but she took mine to read and left hers for me to read. this is how it starts. This girl comes home from school and fines out that she lost a button so she goes back to school and looks for it but her fiend stoped her and asked her what she was going. They looked bet they find it so they went to a store and (Sandy the girl who lost the button) got a button that looked like a man. They the girls the witches button and that The End.

WHOA! So, um. That's a book report. Or something.

Few things. Robyn was my best friend Audrey's older sister. She was one of our babysitters, so was over a lot. I was 8 and reading books for people older than me, already.

Somehow Mom's editorial pencil is NOT all over this one. Given what I now know about what was going on behind the scenes, aka Dad accepting a job in Connecticut, moving out there months before Mom, leaving Mom to pack up a house, take care of three kids under the age of 9, get in a car with her mother-in-law and drive first from Utah to North Carolina and then N.C. to Connecticut in an un-airconditioned car ... I can't imagine why she didn't have time to meticulously edit this!

Someone retroactively give that woman a Medal of Valor or something ... ASAP!

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