Thursday, July 12, 2012

Auntie Nettie Won an Art Prize, in 1984

Based on Beowulf - which I was reading in middle school. I actually reread it for this unit; I think I gobbled Mom's college copy up when I devoured all the Greek myths too -- in elementary school or lower grades.

Mr. Falco's classes were excellent. In addition to other history lessons, we watched Spartacus, Ben Hur, and other epic classic rip-roarers from the golden age of cinema. While other girls in the classes were squealing in dismay at all the gore and guts, I was right in there with the boys, egging on the actors, engrossed in the action -- especially that epic chariot race in Ben Hur. (Have I mentioned I was horse-crazy as a tween-aged girl?)

Why did I stop drawing again? Oh yes. By high school, all the art classes conflicted with the music classes, and I was the pianist. For almost anything. No--make that everything.

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