Sunday, July 8, 2012

Retroblogging 1980: July 8, 1980

July 8, 1980

Today I went to school. At school we made something. Today I have piano at 3:30 I hope I pass them off. Next Monday I have swimming. There are three more days of school. Friday is Audrey's birthday. Today is cloudy. It may rain. Today Grandma is sewing J.J.'s pajamas. Today at school we made a vase. The way we made it is by covering the bottle with masking tape and putting shave [shoe?] polish on the tape. And then I put flowers in it. I put it on the kitchen table.

I remember that silly vase. Mom and Dad kept it for years. I swear it even made the move to Connecticut where it kept things like pencils, pens, and scissors on Mom's command center. That's why I think it was shoe polish and not shave polish. I think it eventually faded to a weird beige color. And it wasn't a bottle, but an empty tin can that had had the label removed.

I was going to recreate this "masterpiece" but don't feel like eating a can of mixed veggies, nor do I actually own a roll of masking tape currently. Duck tape, packing tape, and Scotch ... but lowly masking tape. No. Alas. No crafting creations for this entry.

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