Monday, September 10, 2012

Letters from Ollie J -- Sept. 10, 1981

Unless Mom has yet another stash tucked away in the 17-20 buckets of family photos, genealogy, and documents she has yet to deal with, I suspect that this probably will be the last of the letters from my grandmother.

It is so her though, set on the farm, the syntax, the chickens, mention of her siblings, a list of chores, and advice for me and the boys. Plus her love.

I wasn't quite 10 yet when I got this letter. Now Jed is all grown up and his kid is in 2nd grade - a year more than he was when Grandma wrote this and J.J.'s little Nathan is in the same position his Poppa was - home alone without his big siblings for the first time. And finally, that new bed in the basement she mentions at the end of the letter? I'm still sleeping on it - all these years later here in the Attic. Time has passed, and we're both banged up, bruised, scrapped, and dingy with white highlights, but ... we're still functional.

I love you too Grandma -- even if this new fangled computer and Internet and whole public journal/sharing of feelings thing would have made you totally uncomfortable.

10 September 1981

Dear Granddaughter,

Thank you for the nice letter. I read it with pleasure.

So glad you like your dress and hope it will last you a long time.

I'm fealing better. Had a cold and got some medicine which helped. I am staying busy. Helped Uncle Hyrum put down floor tile Saturday. So was up and down on my knees. There for I am sore muscle wise.

The aunts in Utah are doing fine. They were pleased with your gift. Aunt Shirley said she missed you. She went to California with Uncle Preston to a reunion with his Navy buddies. Hope they enjoyed themselves. Were to be gone three days.

So you are in fourth grade? How time flies. Been or seems such a short time ago when you were born. Now you are fast growing into a young lady. Study well and learn the things the teacher teaches you which are true.

Jed in first grade that's a big step for him. Help him learn what you already know.

I glad you could come and visit with me in Wayne County, N.C. Love having you all.

Well that old rooster is waking me up. Don't he crow like he's proud to be alive? The hens are not laying the eggs so fast right now. They take a rest period.

But your mom will fix you up a good lunch to take to school. One which will make you grow and learn well. You'll be proud to carry your pretty lunch boxes.

J.J. will be lonesome while you and Jed are at school so be kind to him when you get home.

I'm washing as I write this letter. I stop reload machine. So you can bet it is a beautiful sunshiney day. Was just a little cool to being with (fallish)

Uncle Hyrum sends his love. Uncle Carl is so busy not sure he heard me when I told him you said hi.

Your Mom told me on the phone you had a new bed in the basement. It must be pretty from what she said.

Take care of yourself and be a good girl. Help look after your brothers and love them
not boss them.

I love each of you very much.

Kisses for all

Grandma [Ollie]

Have fun while Grandma [Roa] visits you.

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