Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Weekends 2012: Holiday Honeymoon?

Even though the bosses gave us early dismissal on the Friday of Labor Day weekend, I decided to leave at my regular time*. I had no plans that required an early get-away, so I just stuck around. Metro-North has started adding extra trains for the evening rush, however, to accommodate all the traffic.

I got to Grand Central on Friday, to find that the boards weren't showing where my usual train was supposed to be. I headed into the vast room, to peer up and see if I could figure out what was up.

Of course, my train is the only one on these two display boards with no track showing.
In my head, I was muttering to people: "Get out of my way. I need to catch a train."
When I looked down, and said to myself: "WHOA! That's not the kind of train I was talking about."
Into the crowd of commuters, right in front of me as I looked up, blithely walked a bride and groom, who stood and posed for pictures for about a minute (look at her gazing up at him and the semi-blase New Yorkers)and then walked off---happily, I'm assuming--to their reception.Now, if I had left early for the weekend, I would have missed this little slice of NYC life. A scenario that lasted all of about 5 minutes total.

Taken with my iTouch - which I had out just to capture the irony that MY train (out of about 50) was the one with no listing.

*plus there was the fact that I left at 12 the day before for a lunch appointment, and simply put, just didn't go back to work at all. didn't tell anyone. didn't ask. just didn't go back.

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